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Tension as APC leaders plot to save Nigeria by dumping Buhari with fresh groups




           * The Tinubu, Oyegun and the ’Game Changers’

           *Plotting to upstage Buhari’s candidature or move to PDP or SDP depending on negotiation.

ABUJA-As the APC convention draws near so is the fear about upsets and super upsets as different groups are set to high jack the Party and fist its own agenda on the Party if they succeed in their ploy and plots in the upcoming conventions.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the three Major groups angling to teach President Buhari’s and his cabal a  political serious lesson in the convention except for any last minute reconciliation and re alignments  are the Bola Tinubu group which in surface seem to be at par with the President on the Convention and the President/cabal bid to pick the Chairmanship slot and key positions in the coming convention but secretly potting to upstage a PDP like counter that brought  Uche Secondus as the PDP Chairmanship candidate as against the plot and which of the Retired Generals and several others.

Another Group is the Odigie Oyegun Group which with some  seven Governors  who are plotting to upstage the President and hit at the  cabal and return Odigie Oyegun back to the exalted seat so as to continue doing their bidding.

The last but very fierce group is the secret group which goes by the name the GAME CHANGERS. This group which seem for now the most potent to give the President a problem is said to have the key element with majority APC members in the National Assembly in their fold included among others the Governor of Sokoto State Aminu Tambuwal,his Predecessor Aliyu Wammako,the Executive Governor of Zamfara State Ahmed Yerima Sani, Rabiu Kwakwonso, Danjuma Goje ex Governor of  Gombe state and the Senate President Olusola Saraki.

This Group is said to be the major albatross of the President and its cabal  in their 2nd term bid as the group plot is to  stage a shocking takeover of the chairmanship position by his own  supported candidate and us same to retire the President from politics and get a fresh candidate for the APC rather than Mohammadu Buhari.

The group which presently has a majority old of the APC members in the National assembly are said to be not in good mood with the President for different reasons and has fused on become one potent force and an in house opposition to President Mohammadu 2nd Term pursuit.

The group which has a two prong approach are also said to be considering changing the game by moving en-mass to the PDP or SDP depending on which that is ready to accommodate them and their conditions one of which is the PDP having a name change if and when they opt to move there.

According to investigations,the potency of the Group and their strength is presently said to be causing jitters in the Camp of President Buhari and his Cabal who are said to have met eight times in two weeks all in a bid to find a counter balance and way to break the Game Changers and put them in line and in check.

Daily Watch investigation has it that Part of the Cabal plot was the statement by the Jigawa Governor days ago that Saraki and others would not move to the APC, the statement which was a kite flying plot by the Presidential Cabal was to seek for reactions from any members of the Game Changers but as always with Saraki,Tambuwal and members of the team, silence and refusal to comment has always been their secret weapon to shock their opponents.

Attempts to reach out to Saraki and Tambuwal on the Association with the group the Game Changers was not possible but top members of PDP spoken to confirmed talking with Tambuwal, Saraki and most of those named in the Game changing team on their movement to PDP and the need for a change of Name but no agreement has yet been reached.





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