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Tension again envelopes the Presidential Villa over Buhari/Atiku’s Case

Atiku Abubakar and Muhammadu Buhari

*As Abba Kyari/Cabal moves for aide of Mourabouts.

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

Tension was said to have hit the Presidency all through last Week following confusion and discontent tune by witnesses for Buhari and the APC over the President’s result and certificates that resulted in the hasty drawing of the Line by the President legal team so as to avoid more pitfall from the legal scrutiny and questions from the Atiku’s Legal team.

Daily Watch findings in the Villa confirmed that the confirmation  one of the witnesses that the Army never collected results from the President and all those that got enlisted into the Military as against the lies by the President ever since 2015 that his results and Credentials are with the Military took the President’s legal team by Surprise just as the WAEC Deputy registrar statement that the so Called Cambridge Assessment whatever was never from WAEC same as the inconsistency in the results now tendered where in eight subjects were claimed to have been sat for while in another breath five was claimed and several other misfiring s in the Tribunal which resulted in the President team stopping the coming of the remaining four witnesses for fear of them dishing out same confusion and inconsistencies.

Daily Watch Findings confirmed that soon after the sittings Last Week and the halting and eventual withdrawal of the President and APC legal team from bringing any further witness, the Chief of Staff to the President hurriedly met with other members of the Cabal who control and runs the Presidency amongst whom where Duara Mamman, the Senior Cousin of the President and the man that runs the Country on behalf of President Mohammadu Buhari and a quick decision was reached to return the over fifty Mourabouts from Sudan, Niger and Chad that were in te Villa several Months back interceding through serious Spiritual Prayers for the President’s health and Election Successes.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that immediately several Millions was released for  the immediate recalled of the over fifty Mourabouts back to the Villa and under the sponsorship f the Cabal to continue their Prayers but not on the President Precarious health but this time for success in the Presidential Election Tribunal still ongoing in  Abuja.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Mourabouts who were expected this past Weekend have started arriving from their different Countries to commence a none stop Prayers and  incantations for the APC/President Buhari Success in the Tribunal.

Daily watch attempts to speak to the Chief of staff to the President on the reported rush to invite over fifty Mourabouts by the Presidential Cabal over the inconsistent presentation in the last week  presentations by the President team  and witnesses at the Tribunal sitting was not possible as silent was the word from that end.






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