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Tension again envelopes Benue as herdsmen reel out conflicting statements

File photo: Boko Haram militants

  *Benue Youths respond with vitriolic and preparedness for battle

By Ahmed Amhadu., Abuja

Massive tension seemed to have over taken the massive peace the state is witnessing ever since the general elections and the massive strategic efforts put in place by the hardworking governor of the state Samuel Ortom for continual peace in the state.


Daily Watch investigations in the state confirmed that the recent tense moments the state is now witnessing is not unconnected with the recent visit of the National Secretary of the Miyiti Allah Kouta Hore to the state Capital on the 26th of October 2019  to attend a wedding where he also boldly and openly apologized to the people of the state over the killings by herdsmen in the state and promised to not only help ensure continual peace in the state but also to abide by the state Anti grazing laws for sustainable peaceful coexistence in the state.

This highly welcomed and greatly eulogized speech and apology by the National Secretary of the Miyiti Allah Kouta Hore group Saleh Alhassan on October 26 seemed now to have also become the new problem in the state as the National President of the same group has come out to not only disowned the well praised speech of its National Secretary but boldly disowned the apology and even openly threatened not only the Benue state government and people but every other state governor in Nigeria with peace less life if the herdsmen are not accorded the necessary land to practice their rearing and also the immediate repeal of the state anti grazing laws as any attempt not to fully abide by his decision for the headers would amount to absence of peace for Benue and every other state which refuses to obey his orders.

This conflicting statements from one body which superintends over herdsmen in Benue and several other states is said to have generated tension in Benue state and several other state for the simple reason that the Miyyiti Allahs Kouta Hore with its President Abdullahi Bodejo has been serially  mentioned as one of the architects of the severally killings that engulf Benue state  prior to the Presidential election by the same kind of vow  he made to make Benue Ungovernable if the  state dares to pass the Anti Grazing law into law and which true to his words became manifest as the state became a grave yard for several indigenes of the state until the last general election that saw to the stop of such wanton killing which several Nigerians was forced to describe as genocide against the people of the Middle Belt.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that this Bodejo who is the National President of the Meyiti Allah’s Kauta Hore has been  a man that has come to be seen as above the laws of Nigeria as he freely issues threats and orders that contravenes all known laws of Nigeria but shockingly has never been reprimanded or arrested by the Present Buhari led administration in the country despite ample evidences that his several statements has resulted in the several hundreds if not thousands of death that has occurred in the Middle belt part of the country, hence his new boast seemed to be creating massive fear and tension in the state as several of such in the past has resulted in massive killings by herdsmen’

Already the Benue Youth Forum, an umbrella body of Youths in the state through their President  Kunam Terrance has also stoutly spoken against the conflicting statements of the Meyiti leaders as regards the killings in Benue and called for serious  and quick intervention of the government of Nigeria as the words of the President of the Meyiti Allah’s Kauta Hore reprimanding the Secretary who openly apologized is a pointer to  a new plot by the herders to state another round of killing orgy in the state if he is not arrested and called to order y the Federal Government which has several seemed unwilling to act when it concerns the actions and utterances of Abdullah Bodejo, the President of the Meyiti Allah’s Kauta Hore in Nigeria.


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