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Supreme Court verdict: Gov. Oborevwori’s Victory remains solid –  Olorogun Francis Vevakpor

Delta state governor, Chief Sheriff Oborevwori and Olorogun Francis Vevakpor

By Wilson Macaulay

Olorogunn Francis Vevakpor, the National Coordinator, Concerned Deltans for Good Governance Network
(CDGGN) has affirmed that
the Supreme Court decision to reserve judgement in the case between
Senator Ovie OmoAgege of The APC and His Excellency, RT Hon Sheriff Iborevwori, the Governor of Delta State
of the PDP is not a threath to the bright political fortune of the Governor.

Olorogun Francis Vevakpor who made this
observation in Effurun, UVwie LGA while speaking with selected Journalsts in the light of recent turn of events, said the Supreme Court’s reservation of judgment in the case challenging Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s victory has sparked speculation, that there is palpable fear, but every key figure within the Governor’s camp maintain an unwavering confidence in the outcome.


Vevakpor who believe so much in the
Sherification Political Philosophy retrospected saying: ” Following the March 18 Gubernatorial polls, Governor Oborevwori faced legal challenges at every turn, from the Electoral Tribunal to the High Court and the Court of Appeal. We must remenber that, despite all the hurdles, he emerged victorious at each stage, consolidating his position as the rightful winner, so we have no reason to be apprehensive or jittery when we know that there is a clear cut victory for Oborevwori , because the finger of God is upon him.”

Continuing, he said: ” The yesterday january 9th 2024 development at the Supreme Court, where judgment is yet to be delivered, may stirr concerns among some supporters, however, l Olorogun Francis Vevakpor, a man committed at various levels to Governor Oborevwori’s Governorship Project is here saying we should all calm down and be reassured that this is not a threat to the much anticipated victory at the apex court.

“Governor Oborevwori’s expected clear-cut victory remains unshaken despite the Supreme Court’s reservation of judgment,” affirms Olorogun Francis Vevakpor.”


Speaking further, he remarked:
“We have full confidence in the legal process and the strength of our case, because the previous successes
recorded in the lower courts are a testaments to the legitimacy of Governor Oborevwori’s election.”

Olorogun Vevakpor emphasized that
as the legal battle unfolds at the highest judicial level the Governor’s camp remains steadfast in its belief that justice will prevail because the victory from the INEC record of 21 to 4 Local Governments is the widest victory margin ever , in the history of Delta State guber elections.

The reserved judgment, according to Vevakpor, is a routine part of the legal process and should not be misconstrued as a setback to the MORE Agenda which is steadily on course to the benefit of the Government and good people of Delta State.

“Governor Oborevwori’s administration is built on a foundation of transparency, accountability, and the will of the people. We trust that the Supreme Court will uphold the principles of justice and affirm the mandate given by the electorates,” Olorogun Francis Vevakpor

While anxiety may linger in the air, supporters of Governor Oborevwori are urged to remain patient and confident in the legal system. The anticipated verdict from the Supreme Court is awaited with optimism, as Olorogun Francis Vevakpor asserts that it will only further validate the Governor’s resounding victory in the Gubernatorial polls.


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