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Sudanese, Niger Mourabouts flood Aso Rock over Buhari’s Health


ABUJA-The seat of power in Abuja seem in the news again as beehive of activities of soothsayers, spiritualists flood the Villa which seem set to move from the state it was weeks back to a new dimension in which spirituality and all are now elevated above science and technology.

Daily watch findings days ago in the Federal capital was as bizarre
and shocking just as was in the past when the Late Sáni Abacha was in
the helm of affairs in the country.

The seat of power was virtually transformed from an administrative centre to a spiritual hub where all known and unknown Mourabouts were brought from every Islamic country in the world to intercede and seek protection for President Muhammadu Buhari, just as in the days of the dark goggle general before his eventual demise.


What is pervading the Nigerian seat of Power as the Government is said to be in the thick of drafting several notable Islamic Mourabouts from Neighbouring Sudan and Niger to the Aso Rock Villa to help intercede on behalf of the Nigerian President whose health seem to have defied all known medical solution.

Daily Watch team though was not able to get the exact  number of Mourabouts so far entrusted with the magical and arduous task of healing our great President, but if what was gleaned from secret memo
or his it contract between the contractor and government house team is anything to go by, then over twenty Mourabouts are presently quartered in the Villa with a sure mandate to not only exorcise all evil from
the Villa but help in the restoration of the health of the hard working President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

All attempts by Daily Watch crew to have a word with officers in charge of domestic affairs in the villa with and intent to confirm or deny the presence of theses sets of mourabout from Sudan and Niger was
aggressively rebuffed with warnings of dire consequences if stories gets published.


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