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Storming of NUJ Chapel: Paid Assassins or rogue Killer Cops from IGP Office?

Mohammed Adamu and Godswill Akpabio

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor, Abuja

*As team roves around Warri days after storming of the NUJ Chapel bribing people to direct them to the Publisher’s abode.

This seemed to be the question and poser in the lips of many who witnessed the commando styled raid carried out recently by a team of fully armed plain clothed men who claimed to be special police team from the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Office in Abuja and who visited the Nigerian Union of Journalist Office in Warri claiming to be looking for the ever vocal Publisher of Daily Watch Mr. Cletus Opukeme.

The storming of the NUJ Chapel in Warri which is coming few days after the dastard killing of the Spokes person of the Izanzan Group ( One of the most vocal groups calling for the probe of the NDDC and protesting over the monumental rot in the NDDC) who like Daily Watch are in the forefront in the massive expose of most of the looting spree that has enveloped the NDDC by some four-man criminal gang is already causing serious panic and ripples in the city of Warri and Abuja where Daily Watch Correspondents and senior staff lived over fear of a likelihood of another killing of someone speaking out against the rot in the NDDC like the way of the Spokes person of the Izanzan group days ago.

What seemed to be creating the fears if the invaders been Assassins s is not just their secret storming of the Journalist Chapel when they could have just easily walk in and see the Chairman to table their request for whoever they wanted to see with presentation of their ID’s but to simply announce and dispatch any court papers if any or invitation letter directly from the IGP in Abuja inviting the Said Publisher Cletus Opukeme rather than the commander styled siege on the NUJ Chapel as if they are on a paid mission to snuff life out of the Publisher whose paper is amongst the first to serially expose the same rot, looting .pilfering and grant bare faced stealing going on in the NDDC a thing that has resulted in the receipt of over ten threats from different persons taking into consideration the recent murder of another serious critic and patriot, the Spokes person of the Izanzan group, a group that has also been in the forefront for accountability in the NDDC by a four-man gang who in like commando manner stormed his wife shop in broad daylight in Udu Road ,Warri to snuff life out the young man in the same commando like manner this strange Visit occurred in the Warri NUJ Chapel.

Daily Watch investigations and statements of the intruders confirmed that they were after the Daily Watch publisher Mr. Cletus Opukeme whom they described as been wanted ‘dead or alive’ in the Federal Capital for his newspaper write ups not just only against the Niger Delta Minister and his baggage of corruption but for been too vocal and focused in the paper’s publications which within few years of hitting the ever saturated Media space in the Country has created serious and strong problems for many who had fall short in the course of their duty corruption wise.

Daily Watch snippets from discuss of the team confirmed they are from Abuja and also claiming to be directly from the Inspector General of Police Office in Abuja on a mission to Warri to get hold of the Publisher of Daily Watch and which they must do before they leave back to Abuja as they are said to be presently running round looking for ways to get through to the publisher.

Daily watch findings confirmed that same men are moving around several Journalist in Warri soliciting for the home address of Mr. Cletus Opukeme who have hurriedly run to Abuja, the Federal Capital for safety purpose as the so called IGP boys have remained rooted in Warri for days now looking for how and means to get through to the Publisher whose phone lines have not only been bugged but also that of several of his friends and associates of his who are been called with a phone number 08116912068 claiming to be Reuben by the suspected assassins or IGP boys soliciting for direction to the publisher home and promising to pay handsomely for such information.

It would be recalled that Daily Watch has been in the forefront in the massive expose with documents of the massive looting that engulfed the NDDC under the watch of Minister for the Niger Delta and for which the Publisher and staff have received several threats prior to the storming of the Warri NUJ Chapel in a commando styled operation by the suspected assassins who though claimed to be IGP boys from Abuja but refused to state why they chooses to storm the press centre in a commando style instead of dropping invitation through the Chairman of the NUJ in the state and Warri if they truly desire to see or invite a Journalist that go into secret tapping, bugging and bribes to several journalist and persons for assistance to get the Daily Watch Publisher dead or alive using the GSM Number 08116912068 .

Already, the NUJ Warri Chapel an umbrella body of all Journalists in Warri have handed a twenty four hours ultimatum to the Inspector general of police for an unreserved apology to the union and its members over the unlawful invasion of the NUJ Chapel in Warri In a commando style.

Daily Watch frantic efforts by the Ojigbo Lucky Managing Editor of the paper here in Abuja to reach out to the Police PPRO through his GSM Number 08038375844 on the purported commando style raid on the Warri NUJ office by fully armed Officers claiming to be acting on direct instructions of the Inspector General Of Police was not successful as his number repeatedly echoed not reachable on the several times Daily Watch Managing Editor tried calling him to confirm the story and alibi by the armed men if really they are actually from Force headquarters as they claimed to.




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