Stop Destroying My Husband’s Reputation, Aisha warns cabal Leader in heated argument



*Threatens to go public against the cabals



ABUJA-  All seem not to be well or peaceful in the seat of Power in the
Villa if a report from our impeccable Sources in the Aso Rock Villa is
anything to go by.

According to our Sources the villa was a centre of heated squabbles
and arguments days ago following the reported anger of the wife of
the President Aisha Buhari over not just the takeover of the
government of Mohammadu Buhari by the cabal but using their Power to
cause disaffection among the President trusted and loyal followers
against the President and his loyal supporters thereby giving the
President a bad name in the eyes of the public and Nigerians.

The Wife of the President who is said to be totally unhappy over
several negative  reports and information about activities of the
Cabal in diverse areas of the government activities in relationship to
several Financial deals oozing  out of diverse ministries and
government Parastatals that has the imprint of the cabal is said to be
angry that at the end  the day it is her innocent husband and herself
that would be  called names when the chips are down just like the
Previous president Goodluck Jonathan  is been called names over
various Financial deals done under his administration majority of
which he was ever a party to or aware off. .

According to our sources the no nonsense Aisha was said to have been
miffed and angey over the NNPC brouhaha and several others  and was
said to have accosted the Cousin of her husband frontally about the
series of negative  financial deeds and actions that seem to be
casting very bad reputation on her once very clean reputation of her
ex-military officer husband to which Mamman was said to have not only
shouted her Down but warned her as a lady not to interfere in anything
that concerns the government prompting Aisha to threaten  going
Public to save the remaining reputation of her husband and the
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who is said to be more of
merely a ceremonial President with the Cabal been fully in the affairs
of the Country.

Attempts to reach the Press spokesperson to the office of the first
Lady after several Test messages was not success full as at the time
of this report but all indicators points to  a parallel attitude to
the governance attitude and mind between the cabal and the first Lady
of Nigeria.



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