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South-East Senate Caucus Rejects IPOB as Terrorist Group


*Says those that are armed, maiming and killing  freely
should be labelled Terrorists

There seem to be no end to the Military adventure into the South-Eastern
part of the Country in what they called operation Python Dance, if the
cacophony of voices and complains from diverse quarters in the South
East and Nigeria is anything to go by.


The most recent and strong opposition to the Military adventure into
the South East is coming from the Senate where the South East Senate
Caucus has come out forcefully to not only denounced the action of the
Military but called the designation of the IPOB as a terrorist
organization a complete aberration.

In a release by the spoke person of the South-East Caucus in the
Senate Senator Abaribe who was among the three men that stood in for
Kanu during his bail Saga totally disagreed with the Federal Government
designation of IPOB a non -violent organization as a terrorist body
while those who are killing and giving quit notices for people to
quit are handled with kid gloves.

Senator Abaribe represented Abia South in the senate Chided the federal
Government for designating IPOB as terrorist  a name he claimed the
South East Senators would never accept.

According to Senarot Abaribe “You cannot Proscribed a group of
people’; You cannot leave glaring evidences of those who actually
work against the Unity of this Country, those who actually are killing
people, those who are actually taking arms around the country and then
turn around and say the IPOB  have potentials to do so and then go
ahead to declare them a terrorist organization it is not done”

He openly stated that based on all this the Senate Caucus from the
East totally disagreed with the Federal Government as in his views
,there are other organizations that Tags fit and not the IPOB who are
non-violent unlike many other groups in the Country that are fully
armed and going on killing spree.


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