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Soldiers invade Bayelsa community as residents flee

FILE PHOTO: Soldiers in Niger Delta

*Soldiers action is barbaric-Group

By Victor Edighomor, Yenagoa, Senior Correspondent


Pandemonium as Nigerian soldiers have carried out raid in Azagbene community, setting fire on the entire buildings in Bayelsa state which may not be unconnected to the killing of two soldiers Monday by suspected seapirates as reprisal.


Daily Watch gathered that Joint Task Force (JTF), operation Delta Safe (ODSA has carried out invasion of the community. Although, there is no death recorded yet. That the soldiers shot sporadically with heavy machine guns made the entire community to fled for safety.

Some of the indigenes who spoke to Daily Watch recounted their ordeal, “When the soldiers entered our community, they directed us to leave because they were going to burn everything to the ground and that anybody that fails to comply with directive would be killed.

“Before some of us left the community, I saw the building of our paramount ruler on fire. Even my family house has been bunt to the ground. As I speak with you, we are suffering for a crime we didn’t commit.”

A Niger Delta right group, National President Centre for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade (CHURAC) Cleric E. Alaowei, Esq  has condemned the attack. Saying that no amount of provocation caused by gang of criminal group could deserve such type of barbaric  treatment. That  the soldiers did to a sacked the once peaceful community within a close of eyes.


According to him‘‘The news we are hearing that the military Joint Task Force, Operation Delta Safe (ODS) has invaded Azagbene Community in Ekeremor LGA of Bayelsa State today in response to an attack on a military houseboat by some hoodlums in that area which had led to the death of two soldiers is condemnable.


‘‘We condemn acts of banditry by hoodlums under any guise. Attacking military formation is an act of terrorism. We support any coordinated response by the military to ward off those criminal elements in the creeks.  That is part of the reason the Niger Delta is militarized. We sympathize with the military that lost their personnel to those miscreants.


‘‘However, what we cannot accept is where the military sack the entire community because of some miscreants. It has not been established that the Community authorized the hoodlums to embark on that criminal venture. Invading Azagbene Community because of some miscreants who perhaps may not even come from the Community is not a good response.


‘‘The military was not professional enough in it’s counteract. These have been their stock in trade which is condemnable. Entire community should not be made to pay for the sins of one man. Bandits have been terrorising communities in the north. Civilians and security agents have always been the victims. No community in the north has been made the scapegoat’’


Our effort to speak with the JTF spokesman of the 16 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Maj. Danjuma Jonah  to know what informed the sacking of the ancient  Ijaw town in Bayelsa state was abortive as at the time of filing this report. The JTF was image makers phone was ringing several times, but he was unable to pick our calls, either respond to text messages.




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