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Social crusader advocates death penalty for corrupt politicians and civil servants

Patrick Eholor
By Isaac Olamikan, Senior Correspondent, Benin

Social crusader and President of One Love Foundation, Patrick Eholor, has called for introduction of death penalty for corrupt politicians and civil servants in Nigeria.

“You will recall that a former Inspector General of Police(IGP), Tafa Balogun, was accused of misappropriating N33billion while the police who hustle to buy fuel and even equip themselves transfer their aggression to the citizens because the government has failed them in many instances.
“We have to overhaul the police by flushing out the bad elements. Make no mistake, there are few policemen who do their job well. Some of our policemen are attached to some disgruntled politicians and pastors who turn them to domestic help.
“Until we have institutions in Nigeria we cannot get it right. Over here men are institutions. We don’t have institutions. For instance, we have the Customs boss who have the right to seize your car, auction it or give it to his girlfriend which is wrong. So, we have to introduce death sentence as the penalty for anybody that betray the trust of his office whether a politician or civil servant.
“That’s the only way we can get it right because if we don’t do it now we are telling our children that corruption is part of life. Our children are already aware that if you’re not corrupt you cannot be rich. That there are other ways you can be rich without education. That’s why most of our girls are going into prostitution and most of the boys go into ritualism and other dubious activities.
“All these things were not common in past years. Today, we have pastors who talk about prosperity, people sowing seed and giving offering not even about salvation. You have an immigration official giving a foreigner Nigerian passport without following the due process.
“Nigeria is a country that we don’t have fingerprint system. A country that we don’t have identity or social insurance. Nigeria is a country where a state governor is given millions of naira and given impunity of spending it anyhow they wish even when we are not at war.”
On the suspended acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, Eholor asserted that he must have been implicated of wrong doings because he offended members of the cabal.

“I am sure that Ibrahim Magu has offended the cabal. That’s the reason for his problem. The question is how can somebody be in acting capacity in such a sensitive office for over four years. It is annoying.
“You will recall that he was invited to the floor of the Senate but because he is of northern extraction he declined to honour the invitation but no action was taken against him for his behaviour.
“Senator Dino Melaye was angry but a lot of people never took him serious. It shouldn’t have taken before he was discovered as one of the country’s corrupt high ranking officers.
“From the stories emanating from Aso Rock Villa Magu is been queried for compromise. He is also alleged to be siphoning money from suspects. These people have knowingly killed businesses and people in Nigeria.
“My suggestion is until you are proven guilty by a competent court of law you’re innocent. I want to say that with all the allegations surrounding Magu he is innocent. Let Nigerians open their mind and let him have a fair trial. You will see that at the end of everything the hunter will become the hunted.”
Asked if he is not scared of been attacked because of his hard-line stance on issues, Eholor said that he is never scared as he knows that his crusade is meant to change for the better the way Nigerian leaders do things.



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