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Simon Lalong is a monumental failure in Governance of Plateau State-Godfrey Shitgurum

Governor Simon Lalong


*The State has become much more divided with serious IDPs Problem

One of the ardent supporters and financial backers of Governor Simon Lalong in the 2015 Governorship Elections that brought Lalong to power in Plateau state has openly come out to describe the Plateau state Governor as a Monumental disgrace and failure in is administration of the state.


Godfrey Shitgurum, who in 2015 was one of the Major backer both financially and otherwise to the executive governor of Plateau state has openly dissociate himself from the governor and his administration which he lucidly described as not just anti people but a departure of all they both planned and agreed to carry out for the people of the state.

Shitgurum, a Multi millionaire and a Philanthropist who incidentally is from the same Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau state like the Governor in anger described his friend as having failed totally the generality of the Plateau people and turning the state to one divided territory with IDPS all over due to his poor approach to Security of life and Property in the state.

According to Shitgurum “Lalong is a monumental failure in every aspect an ramifications one decides to evaluate him with, as such must be removed as he has totally failed to provide credible leadership in the state and such disgraceful anomaly must certainly be corrected if Plateau state must take back its rightful position as it was in the time past were all in the state lived as one united people”

Godfrey Shitgurum who intends contesting the state governorship election in the coming 2019 election under the PDP already has his posters in almost all the nook and crannies of the state.


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