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Silent ‘war’ rages in Aso Rock Villa over 2023

President Muhammadu Buhari


By Lucky Ojigbo Managing Editor, Abuja

*As Malami,Sabio and Aisha camps intensify assault on one another.
The Aso Rock Villa,seat of power in Nigeria is certainly now a terrible war zone literarily speaking if the battle raging amongst Aisha Buhari, Sabio Tumde and AG Malami camp is anything to weigh into.

Daily watch ears in the Aso Rock villa confirmed that except for divine intervention, there may be serious and open fight sooner than expected amongst the closest associates of the highly incapacitated Mohammad Buhari over who to succeed the highly sick president come 2023.

Daily watch ears confirmed that the highly flourishing affinity between Aisha and the Attorney General of the Federation after the death of Abba Kyari and health crisis of the senior cousin of Mohammad Buhari, Mamman Duara seemed to have kicked the dust irreparably on the return of the first lady from her self imposed exiled to Dubai just as the unspoken appraisement between Sabio who is standing in for Mamman led Cabal and the Attorney General of Nigeria which resulted in the appointment of the new EFCC Chairman and the new Inspector General of police have also crashed irreparably due to the battle for 2023.

Daily watch ears confirmed that while Aisha Buhari, the Secretary to the Federal government Bello and some political appointees in the Buhari’s administration are strategize ng for the leader of the APC Bola Tinubu as the right man to take over from President Mohammadu Buhari under the APC come 2023,the Mamman camp represented by Tunde Sabio who holds sway as private Secretary to the highly incapacitated Buhari are fronting for Babagana Kingibi or one of the top Northerners said be irredeemably loyal to them ,while the AG of the Federation with support of some Emirs and few Political appointees including the EFCC Chairman and Inspector General of Police are said to be fighting for Malami himself to fly the 2023 flag for the APC.

Daily Watch ears confirmed that it is this three dimensional forces battling in the villa and midwifing an highly indisposed and incapacitated president that may likely set the villa on fire(literarily) in the days ahead if things remain as there are .

Daily watch ears has it that presently Malami has an edge with his absolute control of the Chairman of the EFCC who he has stylishly and boldly been dishing out instructions to on ways and methodology to deal with every other candidate that is eyeing or backing any other candidate for the Presidential seat via the APC,the case of Boka Tinubu and several of his close associates who have come under the serious scrutiny of the anti graft body of recent is not just a mere accident but a solidly drawn out plot by Malami to fight dirty n roughly to muzzle out any potential and possible opponent in his road to standing as the APC Candidate come 2023.

Daily watch ears has it that the first lady Aisha Buhari who recently returned to Nigeria and also recently launched a book is simply acting out a script of her own for the benefit of Bola Tinubu and to also take a look at those politically for her under the present administration so as to know how to push her plot.

Daily watch ears had it that Tunde Sabio on his own is vehemently against anything South Presidency come 2023 as fears over the grand looting of the treasury by the cabal in his wisdom can only be covered by a loyal person to be appointed and picked by the cabal inspite of series of assurances in that direction by Malami who remained untrusted by the Sabio/Mamman led Cabal.

As it stands,the three groups are said to be preparing to go wild and dirty against one another if need be so as to water the ground for their ideal choice without considering the mood,feeling or views of Nigeria as they believed that the most difficult part is getting the APC ticket after which INEC like done in 2015 would easily be scripted to make the winning certain come 2023.

Daily watch ears had it that sooner than expected the EFCC will launch more comprehensive probe,arrest,harassment and even prosecution of several powerful politicians with the sole aim of cowing them into line for the Malami game plot.
Already,the three groups are now fully in their tentacles plotting,re plotting and supra plotting against one another and it is this new intricacies of each and their scheming to finally demystify the other that is creating serious war like tensions in the villa.
How the whole situation will play or pawn out will be exposed in the weeks or months ahead when each group may opt to go for the ‘kill’ to finally neutralize the others.

Daily watch also has it that apart from these three groups a fourth and deadlier force is also muscling its way into the conflagration and this group is said to be led financed and backed by the governor of Kaduna state Mall am El_Rufai who is also said to be highly and secretly interested and scheming to evolved as the right and ideal man for the job of the president with the Ekiti State governor as his running mate.

His recent Nationalist utterances against i Shirk Gumi and his banditry amnesty and others are merely playing to the gallery to position himself as clean and good in the eyes of the South as against his real personality of hard core and unrepentant tribalist and fire brand believer in the ‘Fulanization’ principles and agrnda.

Daily watch attempts to reach out to the tram of presidential spokespersons and even the spokes person for the first lady on the high tension brewing in the the villa over who to anoint and crown the new helms man in the Aso Rock Villa come 2023 was meet with stiff silence by all concerned.




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