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Shocking: Ten hypocritical acts of Buhari led govt


*Always turns to do same things he ( Buhari) condemns.

ABUJA-Since Coming to power well almost going to three years now the APC led
Government of Mohammadu Buhari seem to have become Nigeria first
president that   has become most hypocritical in every  aspect of the
word hypocritical itself.

Going through the President many utterances before and  to date one
would truly be shocked if the President , the Presidency and the APC
really  understand or look back at their past speeches, actions and
promises before there are uttered or issued to the public.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed about 10 hypocritical acts of
this   government and these can be seen by the listing below for
Nigerians to see,.


A)          On 25th may 2014 the then Buhari team spoke against the
Government of Good luck Jonathan bid for a one Billion naira loan to
tackle a rampaging Boko Haram at its peak and at a time the Sect were
taking over several Nigeria Territory, the APC team were so angered by
the loan request that Buhari came out to castigate the Jonathan
Government for wanting   a loan to fight a North East Riff raff sect.

In Buhari’s words then  ‘’….Now we are looking for  I billion dollars
to deal with some riff raff in the North East, this government
(referring to Good luck Government then) is looking for 1 billion
dollar, we are in real mess, we know’’ and then in 25th December 2917
the same Buhari that described the Jonathan bid for a 1 billion Dollar
loan when Boko Haram was at its peak and dreadfully burning, bombing
and killing everywhere  now wanted 1 billion Dollar when the same riff
raff in the North East has been technically defeated with no land in
their hands, In the Words of Lai Mohammed on December 26th 2017 “1
billion Dollar is not too much of a sum to battle a great sect, a
terrorist group like the Boko Haram’’.

B)On Subsidy in 2012 the APC, Tinubu  and Buhari said there was
nothing like subsidy in Petrol rather what was happening was looting
in name of Subsidy and even led Nigerians to nationwide protest over a
less than ten present increase in fuel.

Today the same Buhari has increased Fuel from 85 naira per liter to
147 per liter to clear the subsidy that he claimed never existed yet
again last week the Vice President told the World that the NNPC is yet
paying over 49 naira at the Present cost of Petroleum  thereby raising
the question of which subsidy are these same men talking of?.The same
that never existed in 2012 or that  which the removed when fuel moved
up to 147 or the new 49 naira NNPC is paying?

C)This Government vowed to tame Corruption headlong and yet a wanted
thieve in Name of Abdulrasheed Maina was reinstated, Promoted and paid
11 million arrears and when the news got exposed we were told all
involved would be sacked and the President fired Mina even before

Today, the truth is that the President was all the while aware  and
approved of Maina coming like Maina said that he was invited by the
President and APC led government to serve a statement denied by the
APC but which was confirmed by the Oyo Ita the  DG head of Service who
confirmed warning the President on the recall, reinstatement and
promotion of the said thief Maina but the President kept mute to her
warnings before the whole brouhaha blew open, yet we are fighting
corruption .

D)Take our mind to late Musa Yar adua Hospital era and the whole
scenario before his death. Buhari then instead of sympathizing with
the ill Yar adua openly called for his resignation According to Buhari
“A president that is ill and out of the country for over three weeks
should be honorable to throw in the towel and go look after his
health” 2017 our President Mohammadu Buhari was outside for heath
Challenges for over three months yet the towel was not thrown as the
nation was turned into a circuit show of comedy.

E)On Coming to Power in 2015 the President Buhari banned all health
tourism for Nigerian Civil Servants claiming our medical system would
be improved to care for all.

In 2017 the same Buhari was in London for what his media team called
ear infection and again for over three months for the same Medical
tourism, Just yesterday the son Yusuf Buhari was flown abroad for
medical treatment yet the same man placed a ban.

F)In 2016 Budget Padding became a new term in our political lexicon
and the President vowed to deal with all involved till date nobody was
dealt with, the man in the House of Rep that exposes it all is under
suspension. Then 2018 budget sent to the N/A woefully padded by
Ministers of the same Buhari with projects repeated five, six and
seven time under different names and money all to loot yet padding was
stooped as the President vowed in 2016.

G)Treasury Single Account, our President told the nation that all
money must be in a single account with the CBN without exception and
today December 2017 it is exposed that the NNPC had an account not
captured under the TSA on the directive of the Chief of staff to the
President with over 50 million dollars in it.

H)in late 2913 to 2014 the Jonathan Govt mooted the idea to rescue the
Chibok girls via ransom and exchange of sect members and the APC and
Buhari shouted to high heavens According to Buhari then “”how can any
sane govt  go into exchange of the Chibok girls with money?. This
government is truly incompetent and trying to pay money to the sect to
get more arms.

Then 2017 same Buhari administration according to World street Journal
paid a whooping 900 billion Naira to the same sect with hardened
members for some chibok girls maybe this time for the sect and
herdsmen not to get arms.

I)To 2915,Buhari vowed to stop fuel importation less than six months
of coming to power in his words “”Fuel importation is a crime, we
would stop fuel importation within six months of our coming to power”

Today, three years almost in power we are witnessing fuel Scarcity and
the Vice President told a shocked nation that only NNPC is importing
fuel for the nation as the Refineries are yet to be fixed ti optimum
capacity, funny

J) On been sworn in the President speech was unique “……..Am for nobody
as I am for everybody’’ yet in less than a year in power he told a
foreign station that  ‘’ ….You cannot equate a man that voted 95
percent to that that gave five percent in the distribution of
government patronage…”,

Daily Watch attempts to speak to Garba Shehu on these ten hypocritical
stands of President Mohammadu Buhari was rebuffed by the President
Spokesman despite over four text messages to his phone number.


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