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Shocking revelations on how ‘defeated Boko’ Haram staged another Kidnap of school girls in Yobe



       *Between100 to 105 girls unaccounted for after raid as Govt plots to gag Community

       *Over run Military at entrance bridge in 6 Helux before hitting School


       *As Military keep dishing out lies about incident and those rescued

ABUJA-The much announced decimated and defeated of the Boko Harem sect came to a head early last week when the so called ‘fleeing’ sect members over run a Military check points In the entrance bridge before hitting at  the popular Government Girls Secondary School Dapchi.

Daily watch investigations and findings in Dapchir confirmed that the sect members who rode in six Helux vans with several others on bike first attacked and over ran a military checkpoint at the entrance bridge before hitting Dapchi the headquarters of Bursari Local Government Area of Yobe State just about 100 kilometer from Damaturu the state capital in a action packed styled movie like  operation that saw fully armed men of the Nigerian Military running in diverse direction on coming face to face with the more focused so called defeated group.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Group who came purposely for the kidnappings as against tales from the Military that they were fleeing sect members succeeded I their mission as a result of the lily livered nature of the Military in the check point before the entrance bridge to the town who were said to have in utmost freight given little resistance to the advancing sect members before fleeing in different direction thereby making the invasion and kidnapping of the school girls much more easier.

ThE Group who were said to have staged the onslaught in a well planned and coordinated manner as against the many tales of displaced and fleeing gun men launched the attack at about  7pm through the Eastern Flank after over running a stand by Military check point stationed  before the bridge.

The Girls Secondary school Dapachir which is said to be Housing About 710 girls in the school before the attack was a terrible sight to behold when Daily Watch team visited the school presently under serious Presence of the Military as if awaiting the re appearance of the Sect members for God knows what.

According to one Abubakar Shehu whose niece was among those still missing, he lamented the slow rate of response of the Military to the rescue process as  he expected the Military to have reinforced and come back fully after their displacement at the check point on the entrance bridge.

The Community which is already depressed as a result of the incident were said to be having some parents of the missing girls hiding following rumours that the Federal Government is making moves to arrest some of them for countering the lies of the Military that some of the girls had been rescued from the hands of the Boko Harem group a story that was also dispelled by the State Governor Ibrahim Gardem who himself was said to have also received the anger of the People of Dapchir with boos and stones during his visit to the  community.

Daily Watch  investigations confirmed that though pressure was on the community initially to hide the story of the abductions the pains involved made that impossible as men like Bashir Manzo(who is like a spokesman of those whose children are among the missing)  Inuwa Mohammed and several others who had their daughters and nieces involved were totally uncontrollable I their distress when Daily Watch visited the  very quiet agrarian community after the Attack by the sect group which the Military and President keep assuring Nigerians have been totally depleted and defeated with their leader running in the regalia of a female Muslim.

Attempts to speak with men of the Nigerian Military on the supposed rescue of some girls by the military that was debunked by the community and state Governor, the massacre and  running of Military men in the check point towards  bridge and the attempt to gag the parents of the missing girls was not possible as at the time of this report as the Military top brass seem as confused as the ordinary citizen of Dapachir on  the incident.




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