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Shocking: Herdsmen take over Yoruba forest, set up camps, villages and dynasty

File photo: armed herdsmen

*Imminent attack likely as Kidnappings, massive settlements and gold mining ongoing in massive speed.

By  Lucky Ojigbo & Emma Adeola

The menace of the herdsmen which plagued the Middle belt almost throughout last year  before the little peace we now witnessing with the full implementation of the anti grazing law seemed to be rearing its head in the South Western part of Nigeria if the signs, indices and facts on ground are to be thoroughly analyzed.

Daily watch findings and investigations confirmed that after the grand Massacre/Genocidal onslaughts in the Middle Belt of Nigeria the herders are migrating massively towards the South Western Part of the Country taking of the deep forest of almost all Western states and building very powerful camps and bases with intent of forming their own camps, villages and communities in these locations where there presently inhabit.

Daily Watch Sources Confirmed that already many of the leaders are now getting involved in bits of killings, kidnapping, looting of farms etc like was the case in the Middle Belt before the final onslaughts when the inhabitants tries to resist them.

Already, almost all the Major Express ways in the South West have become hub for herders robbery and assaults on travelers just as massive kidnapping for ransom now the order f the day in the South West and serious been perpetuated by the so called Fulani herdsmen who the Presidency seemed to have a soft spot for as it termed them as mere criminal gang as against the Serious terrorist which the UNO designated hem to be and  even classified them as the forth deadliest group in the world.

Daily watch findings has it that the Fulani foot soldiers popular called herdsmen are presently having a monumental Camp in Ilesha were there now mined Gold, have 24 hours electricity and fuel supply with money from ransom, lootings and robbery and even have a shocking telecoms mast to help their communication need even in the deep forest of Ilesha which those Daily Watch Came in Contact with confirmed is their ancestral home.

This scenario in Ilesha is said to be replicated all over the Western Forest where the Fulani foot Soldiers popular called herdsmen are  building camps ,Bases Massively at a rate never seen anywhere as if in haste to meet up a deadline.

Daily Watch Spoke to several Citizen as Ilesha who confirmed the taking over of their forest and at times farm land and even asked to pay fines, land dues by the fully armed herdsmen in their farms and forest with no one to help them as the Police and the Military keep mute when reports are made to them thereby helping the full takeover of the forest and farmland by the Fulanis.

Daily Watch spoke to a Yoruba Elder Pa Adefarasin Fasarundin who confirmed the new game of the Fulanis who from all indications are bent on creating Cities, Villages and communities in Yoruba land with funnily the silence of the Government, Military and even top Yoruba leaders in the APC  like  the Bola, Tinubu,  the Adesina’s,  the Amosun’s and Yoruba governors  who are all because of greed and power seemed to be pretending and behaving as if nothing wrong is happening until it would become too late for the Yoruba race.

According to Pa Adefarasin “While almost all Yoruba leaders and mostly those in the Present government keeps mute while our villages, forest and farm lands are been taken over because of their greed and political associations which they don’t want to compromise, our lands, forest are daily been taken over by fully armed Fulani Mercenaries who are building camps, Base and even Fulani formations in the deep forest with new names thereby creating new Fulani dynasties and communities inside Yoruba land with kidnapping and even payments been collected from Yorubas in their own land without a whimper from any one as if our leaders have all become charmed and hypnotized to keep mute while the stages for massive killings, war is been set up in our land”.

Daily Watch Attempts to Speak with the Traditional head of Ilesha or OPC leader Gani Adams over the  takeover of most of Ilesha forest with Gold mining already going on and similar situation replicated in others was not possible as at the moment of going to press but the signs in the South West if not checked now seemed very ominous.








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