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Shocking: EFCC again stopped from going after ex/Present DSS and NIIA directors over Part of Dasuki’s loots



*Who gave the chief of staff power to caution Magu over
the failed arrest?

*Why has the presidency been silent over DSS/EFCC fight
over arrest of suspected thieves?

ABUJA-This and many more question are presently troubling the minds of
Nigerians following the final surrender and tacit silence  of the EFCC
shortly after their battle with the DSS in an attempt to arrest the
Ex- DSS and Ex- NIIA bosses.

According to Daily Watch findings, the ‘roforofo’ fight between the
two agencies and the plot by the EFCC to cage and investigate the Ex
bosses would have exposed several lies of the administration of the
reported loot of a missing 1.2 billion Dollar Dasuki’s loot as most of
the loots are said to be in possession of the Present DSS boss and
what was discovered in the Osborne Ikoyi residence which are said to
be secrets the Presidency doesn’t want to be exposed and which the
arrest of the Ex DG’s of the DSS and NIIA and the Present DSS boss
would have unearthed thereby tarnishing the image of the Buhari
administration an one of the remaining strength  and pillars of the so
called Anti-corruption success story.

What  the stoppage of the EFCC pursuit of the thieves meant also is
the end to the chances of recovering the over 21 million dollars
laundered and looted by the present DSS boss Duara as the Presidential
orders has finally  and totally blocked  another monumental looting
exposure in the Present administration  just like the cases of Lawal
Babachir blocked multi  billions loot investigations  and the blockade
of the Managing Director of the NNPC lootings that was secretly
halted, covered up and the several billions of dollars  lost to
posterity in the same administration which major mantra and claimed
achievement is the Fight against corruption yet under her Watch
several billions of Dollars looted by close aides and officers of the
Presidency  but  hidden ,investigations stooped and blocked and
secretly settled in house to the detriment of Nigerians who voted them
to power in the hope of stopping the looting of our joint matrimony
from the national till but which had become the most common
occurrences in this administration with even serious cover ups from
the Presidency headed by a man many claimed to be a saint prompting
others to question the sainthood of a leader that block and support
looting of his followers yet claimed to be fighting corruption.

Daily Watch attempts to confirm from  Wilson Uwujeren the spokesperson of the EFCC why the battle for the arrest of the Ex- DSS boss
and that of the NIIA boss for which there was almost a shot out
several weeks back has just ended  abruptly without the EFCC using the
laws to get the suspected thieves arrested and  paraded  just as the
cases of  Babachir Lawal and the Registrar of the NJC Saleh Garba
looting cases were never heard again by Nigerians who are eager to
know  was not responded to despite over six messages to his lines to
the effect.




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