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Shocking: How Buhari Men looted purported loots of Dasuki

President Muhammadu Buhari


*Several billions left for new NSA blown within two years

*Billion loots in Ikoyi part of what APC lied Dasuki stole


*New DSS boss Duara  pockets 21 million Dollars of
purported Dasuki’s loot

ABUJA-  Shocking revelations all over Abuja seem to be casting doubt on the many lies of the APC led administration of Mohammadu Buhari about the so called1.2 billion Dollar arm gate loots attributed to the former NSA boss as
many evidences points to a serious conspiracies.

Daily Watch traces and investigations in and around Abuja seem to be
putting several lies to a certain 1.2 billion Dollar looted from any
where near the so called Arms deal all though the tenure of the
Dasuki led NSA hence the unwillingness of the Buhari led Government to
go on with the prosecution and conviction of the Ex NSA despite the
overwhelming evidences the government claimed to have on Dasuki’s

Daily Watch investigations has confirmed that the story of a missing
1.2 billion Dollar is simply a pathological lie to  benefit the APC
led Buhari government before Nigerians as truly fighting corruption
while in fact looting the same money the government claimed Dasuki had already stolen and used for the PDP.

Daily Watch trail of the Millions attributed to Dasuki’s loot
confirmed that all the monies found at the Ikoyi Building where truly
part and parcel of the monies the Federal Government had claimed
Dasuki looted but which the NSA handed over to the NIIA boss and which
was officially documented and handed over to the new administration
but secretly kept at the NIIA safe house on the authorization from
top shots in the presidency including the National Security adviser
hence the whole brouhaha and story of Osborne loot died the way it
started as they was no loot in the first instance but Nigerian money
handed over  to the NSA but still kept secretly by certain powers that
be for autricious puposes.

Apart from the Ikoyi’s Osborne loot another sets of over 30 million
Dollars of what was part of the so called Dasuki’s loot was never
looted by Dazuki but  paid to her DSS with Documents in the Presidency
confirming same rom which the Ex DG of the DSS was said to have spent
of 9 million Dollars in gadgets and arms procurement for the DSS and
handed over 21 million Dollars to the Buhari Government and DSS headed
by Duara Born EX DSS boss Dura who is from the same Village with

Daily Watch   investigations confirmed a documented  proff of over 21
billion dollars with the EFCC handed over to Duara the new DSS boss
who within six months of coming to Power Laundered all of the 21
billion Dollars which the APC led Government claimed Dasuki looted but
which truly had been looted by the present DSS boss for which the EFCC
was going after the Ex and Present DSS bosses until the Presidency put a
stop to it.

Yet, several millions of Dollars in cash of the purported loot of
Sambo Dasuki was handed over to the Present National Security Adviser
(NSA) which  had  been laundered already  in an administration that so
professed to be fighting corruption yet hiding serial looters  and
absolute thieves yet keeping perpetually the Ex National Security
Adviser  in Prison because there exist no evidence to back the lies of
looting on the Part of the Ex NSA as most of the said looted funds are
with the Present administration and been looted with impunity a thing
the EFCC was a the EX NIIA boss and Ex DSS boss before the rush by
the Presidency to scuttled their arrest and eventual expose of the
monumental deceit and lies Nigerians have been fed with on a purported
and none existing  Dasuki gate.

Daily Watch consistent Pressure to get the Views of both past and
Present DSS Directors was not feasible as at the time of going to
press but the EFCC spokesman Wilson Uwajerun confirmed several
incriminating documents implicating the Ex and Present security Chiefs
on the table of the EFCC for which there are waiting to their
appearances to clear the air on.


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