Shocking: Boko Haram attacks another military base with trucks and anti- aircraft guns

File Photo. Boko Haram militants lined up with RPG weapons

*Repelled by the ever Vigilant Military officers with just one dead.

*Over twenty injured in the dawn attack that almost caught the Military unaware.

Just days after the much and unending talk of the Metele gruesome massacre and less than a day after the Chad meetings of Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari and the Chadian, Cameroonian and Niger counterpart, the Boko Haram boys  were aid to have  struck again at another Military base but this time quickly repealed by the vigilant Nigerian troops with just a single death on the part of the Military and about twenty injured.

Daily watch Sources in Borno confirmed that the shocking attack and eventually repel took place in a Military Base in Arege Village near Baga Fishing settlement in Borno state.

The Attack which occurred before dawn though was quickly and gallantly repelled by the Nigerian troops with the Boko Haram beating a retreat much faster than they came through with severe promises to return while fleeing the base.

Though only one officer dead, several others sustained serious injuries and were quickly taken out for urgent medical attention in the said dawn attack that almost caught the Military snapping fueling speculations of informant within the base.

The Dawn attack which is coming just a day after the meet among Nigerian, Chad, Niger and Cameroon President is seen by many as an affront by the Boko Haram fighters who seemed to have taken the war to the Nigerian Military rather than the Soft target they were said to be used to by the Nigeria Military over time.

Daily Watch attempts to confirm the attack on Arege Base near Baga by the Boko Boys from the Military high command via their Spokesperson Texas Chukwu was not possible as at Press time.



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