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shocking ! Another heavy looting in Buhari’s school feeding Pogramme


WARRI-Another financial looting seems to be brewing in the administration of Mohamadu Buhari which would shock many Nigerians to their bone, if and when the true expose starts rolling out.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja and around the Country seem to
confirm the story making the rounds that the School Feeding Programme of
the Present administration is now an avenue for people in power to
loot the country totally dry.


The programme which was described initially as a social  net programme for
which 500 billion naira was budgeted for in 2016 and another 500
billion in 2017 is said to have not only been high jacked by the
powers that be from the office off the Vice President that coordinates
it but has also become another  drain pipe  in which the Buhari
team sucks the nations dry.

According to investigations, almost eighty percent of the schools for
which the said 500 billion was budgeted for nothing like food except
for few days was given out to the pupil yet several millions paid out
for them.

Take the cases of several schools in Delta, Anambra, Benue , Zamfara and many more states across the federation, where the said feeding programme is said to be running but on ground only one to three days in the whole term was such made available to the kids yet the budgeted five hundred Billion in 2017 was totally paid out same for 2017 and now a new 500 billion has been earmarked for same looting in the 2019 budget that is to be laid soon in the National assembly.

Daily Watch team visit to several schools in various states is shocking as the school children said they are fed once or thrice per term.
Another shocking news is what was given to the children were mere fried buns and zobo or is it the case of Kaduna state where Malam El –Rufai was reportedly said to have spent a whooping two billion for his own
feeding programme, yet the federal government claimed in their records to
have also paid several Millions for the same feeding El Rufai is
claiming to have paid for.

Attempts to get through to the Spokesman of the Vice president whose
office the program is said to run under was shocking as the spokesperson to the Vice president was not only evasive when the topic of School Feeding programme was mentioned but refused to speak as he was
consistently and continually evasive.


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