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Shocking: 80 years Mamman Duara, Nigeria’s defacto President takes over Aso Rock



                *Uses Chief of Staff to check presidential visitors and letters

                *Holds,controls and dictate to president everything about governance, as Aisha gets numbed with shock


              *Amasses looted billions of dollars from NNPC, PINE, NIIA, and NIMASA for 2019.

Nigeria’s defacto President Mamman Duara

ABUJA-Nigeria is bleeding and bleeding greatly as the Defacto President of Nigeria Mamman Duara the senior Cousin to Mr. President finally cages the President and takes all decisions concerning governance in Nigeria.

Mamman Dura who before now was seen as the heard of the cabal controlling affairs and every pie in the Aso Rock Villa using his different appointees foisted on the Nation like the Chief of Staff to the President, the Director of the DSS,NIIA Boss, Immigration DG and several others seem to be getting more daring in his new found love of ruling the country via  his cliques as he has finally taken over the day to day administration of Nigeria and awards of all multi million naira contracts.

The 80 year old Duara whose major accomplice in the sidelining of the President remains the Chief of Staff to the President and the Director General of the DSS is said to have amassed so much money through diverse spurious contracts and oil lifting deals in the NNPC running into several billions and in the Presidential initiative for North East  (PINE) from which dubious and frivolous contracts right from the time of Babachir Lawal to date are been churned out without execution.

Today, no body finds his or her way to the president without the Chief of Staff getting the Katsina born Mamman approval before such visits and same for any memo  meant for the President such that the President is presently under siege by his cousin and his group popularly called the cabal.

Daily Watch investigations confirms that Mamman notoriety is much more felt in the NNPC where  he has single headedly and in league with the NNPC Boss Baru and appointee of his has  wickedly  looted the NNPC dry not just only through Diverse Subsidy payment claims through very phony and spurious companies but through the use of two of his affiliate companies to check the uplifting of crude for over two years running as against what was obtainable in the past where 15 companies does with the minister of Finance remaining silent either for fear or in complicity to the fraud in the oil lifting where only Mamman and NNPC Dg can  say with exactitude what and what is lifted from Nigeria prompting the hawking of Nigeria crude glut in the high sea and international waters by agents of the cabal in the Villa who has turned Nigeria joint Patrimony to personal business.

Daily Watch investigations has also confirmed that the whole Buhari 2019 comeback ploy is simply spearheaded by Mamman using the several amassed billions to fund it with new recruited foot soldiers like El-Rufai and others who are afraid to lose their relevance if they failed to play along.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that while El-Rufai and Rotimi Amaechi are playing along in the Mamman pro Buhari game they both are also working on a plan B which is to take order the APC in the dying minutes if the President health situation stops all plots for a re-election as plotted by Mamman and his notorious cabals,

Also confirmed is that the order for the Proscription of IPOB  and deployment of the armed forces to the East for the so called Operation Python Dance was simply the handwork of Mamman  and the DSS boss with the President knowing only after hours of the announcement.

In the days ahead ,much shocking arrest and attack on the part of the cabal is been planned to help silence all opposition against Buhari using the much amassed fund to bribe, lobby and in other cases  frame up  many that are  critics of the government using the DSS and men of the Nigerian Police Force which Presently also takes their orders from the Defacto President who has finally assumed indirect power as the President of Nigeria.


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