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Shocker: RUGA coming back sooner than expected

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*As blackmail, threats, cajoling ,millions and secret lobby intensify

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja, Managing Editor

The joy and euphoria over the suspension of the notorious Fulani Land Acquisition Scheme popularly known as RUGA Policy of the Present administration that was suspended few days ago seemed to be a joy in futility as the whole RUGA deal is set to be resuscitated faster than Nigerians thought following several meets, secret plots, discuss and scheming by the administration of President Mohammed Buhari led by the Chief of staff to the President to water the ground again for the resuscitation of the RUGA which is the core project for Buhari 2nd term..

Daily watch findings confirmed that the suspended scheme is still on course as the Chief of staff to President Buhari who is one of the major arrow heads of the scheme is still meeting, canvassing ,mobilizing and lobbying for the scheme to be fully accepted this time around while some select Northern Leaders, groups and association has been mobilized handsomely  to the tune of millions of Naira to lobby, consult and even  using threats to pave way for the resuscitation and acceptance of the scheme all over the 36 states of the Federation.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that some select groups of Fulani leaders recently met with the Chief of Staff to President Mohammadu Buhari Alhaji Abba Kyari where the issue of the RUGA and its resuscitation was extensively discussed and far reaching modalities/plots to create an easy milieu for the resuscitation of the scheme by subtly killing the initial opposition and hysteria that followed the scheme using threats, cajoling, bribes, deceit and serious lobby to achieve this in the shortest possible time.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the Igbo’s are now target of blackmail as the idea of accepting the RUGA for 2023 Presidency is now been canvassed by several top Northern leaders headed by Tanko Yakassi one of the Elders of the Northern Elders Forum who recently in fulfillment of the plot to use trick and guile to win more converts to the RUGA game plots stated openly that the Igbo’s opposition of RUGA is sending wrong signal to the North about 2023 since the North would also not back the Igbo’s in 2023 for rejecting RUGA.

The Miyiti Allah’s leadership has also jump into the fry as it has also threatened all states that refuses the RUGA to prepare for serious security challenge as its group would hit at such states and the governors.

This he clearly stated on almost all major newspapers in fulfillment of the plot to use threat, trick, guile, cajoling etc by all groups of pro-RUGA to see that the scheme is finally implemented in the 36 states.

Already several groups in the North have been mobilized handsomely by the Chief of Staff to the President few days back to commence full mobilization, cajoling, lobby and others intense threats to force Nigerians into jumping on the RUGA train as the only antidote for peace in Nigeria with the Miyiti Allah’s plotting to commence sporadic attacks to prove that peace can only be achieved via RUGA.

Daily Watch sources in the Presidency confirmed that the RUGA Policy must be totally implemented by the Buhari’s administration as it is a core agenda of the Fulani nationality and one of the mandate to President Buhari by the World Fulani body as such the Cabal, Fulani Leaders and others who have sold the policy to the compromised and caged Minorities in the North who now are also made to see the RUGA as a Northern scheme rather that a Fulani Land Acquisition and Fulanization Agenda.

Daily Watch also tried reach out to Gani Adams the War laser of the Yoruba’s on the serious plots of the Presidency through the Chief of staff to the President Alhaji Abba Kyari to reintroduced the RUGA Scheme was not possible as at Press time.





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