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Shocker: Presidency secretly doles out millions  of Naira to mobilize for the passage of Controversial  Water Resources  Bill

President Muhamnadu Buhari

*As executive bill is marked top priority by the administration and set for accelerated passage despite massive opposition.


By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor


In what has become a frightful game plot ,the Presidency and top members of the National Assembly are seriously plotting to see to the eventual passage of the Water Resources bill which the Presidency see as one of the most important and top priority bills under Buhari’s administration.

Daily Watch ears in the Presidency confirmed that the Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representative have been perfectly recruited into the game plot to see that the  Water Resources bill 2020 is passed through any process so far it has scale through the National Assembly.

Daily watch ears confirmed that  in several meet with the Presidency both leaders of the Senate and House of Assembly have agreed to work perfectly for the eventual passage of the Controversial Bill which almost all the regions in the Country apart from the North West and North East have kicked against as it is seen as a back door approach by the Buhari government to take over the seas, rivers and everything constitutionally under the Local Government and State government to the Federal government just as the Petroleum that presently sustains the Nation was dramatically take over  while Mineral Resources from other regions stay put with the regions and benefitting the regions.

Daily Watch Sources in the Presidency Confirmed that the Presidency in conjunction with the two heads of the Houses during several secret meetings reached a secret agreement that the bill will received speedy and fast passage once the palm of several members of the National Assembly from the South South, South East, South West and North Central are fully greased financially and this Daily Watch finding confirmed has led to the Presidency secretly doling out several Millions which would be put in through the office of the two heads of the National Assembly to lobby and work on the Passage of the controversial bill in spite of the stout rejection of the bills by the people of their regions as the leaders of  both Senate and House of Representative were said to have impressed it on the Presidency that cash to each members running into Millions will be the only Magic that would turn the members from the opposing region to hurriedly back the passage of the highly controversial water Resources Bill which was kicked out and thrown to the dust bin by the 8th National Assembly but quickly resurrected by the Hawks in the Buhari’s administration to whom great benefits would accrue to if and when the bill sails through as it would give their people leverages in almost all the states and river communities in the country thereby helping to further the game plan of theses tribal hawks who are seriously battling to turn the  country Nigeria into home of Fulanis from all over Africa.

The National Water Resources Bill which is an Executive bill directly from the Presidency was said to have been put together by some tribal Egg heads in the Presidency to further the great plot and aim of the hawks in the administration and several secret clauses were secretly placed in diverse positions in the Bill that to the ordinary views makes the bill look good and not innocuous but when viewed and analyzed properly would unraveled several dastard asks of the hawks in the administration and their agenda towards other regions in the country.

Daily watch Sources in the Villa confirmed that very strict directives have been given to both heads of the Houses to not just pass the Bill but accelerate the passage especially with the  availability of a huge war chest to settle every opposing Voice in both houses from the Presidency.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that barring any serious obstacles and with the availability of huge financial windfall running into Millions for recalcitrant members the Bill which has reached 2nd reading is as good as passed since most members of the National Assembly from the opposing region are said to be already hanging and negotiating what is in the passage plot   financial wise  for them despite the stiff outcry and opposition from their respective regions.

Daily Watch tried reaching out to the Deputy Senate President and some other  members of the National Assembly from the South South, South East ,North Central and South West whose regions are in the forefront and going to feel the brunt of the oncoming debacle if the bill sees the light of the day to speak on the tales that substantial amount running into Millions par Member has been marked out for them to see that the bill not only sail through but received accelerated passage but almost all of them refused to speak or comment on the very dangerous bill pointing to a serious acceptance or sell out against their people for some few Millions forgetting that the same Bill when passed will also hunt them and their Villages, communities and states in the long run.

Daily Watch frantic bid to reach out to the President many Spokes person to confirm the haste and Pressure been put by the Presidency to pass the bill which has received massive opposition from diverse regions that make up the nation-state Nigeria was not possible as none was willing to speak.




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