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Shocker! Pension thief Gets Promoted and reinstated


*As EFCC looks the other way again

LAGOS-Shock seem to be the state of All Nigerians in the Seat of Power
following information that   the most Wanted Pension Thief Aburadheed
Maina who we was told looted pension fund to the tune of several
Billions by the EFCC and declared wanted by the EFCC under the
Administration of Goodluck Jonathan is back from his EFCC imposed

Daily Watch Investigations Confirmed that Maina  who was the Chairman
of the Presidential Task Team(PRTT) for the verification of Pensions
and  was declared Wanted  by the EFCC for stealing several Billions of
Naira  and Sacked by the Federal Civil Service Board is now back in
the saddle as not just in his former position but as a Director in the
Federal Ministry of Interior despite the allegations and EFCC most
Wanted thief hanging on his head.


The Most wanted Pension boss was said to have been secretly reinstated
by the Buhari administration via a letter said to have been secretly
sent in by Abba Kyari the chief of Staff to President Muhammadu

Daily watch investigations confirmed that Maina who is still listed as
wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has not
only been secretly reinstated but promoted for his lootings and posred
as Director in Charge Human Resources in the Ministry of Interior in a
government that has the anti-corruption Mantra as its focus.

Daily Watch text messages and calls to the EFCC spokesman on the
reinstatement of a Wanted Rogue and his subsequent promotion by the
Buhari Government in spite of him been the most Wanted thief according
to the EFCC then was not responded to all everyone prefer to go mute
so as not to offend the powers that be that reinstated and Promoted a
wanted looter as Director while still wanted by the EFCC.


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