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Shocker: Over 100 Boko Haram fighters set to surrender and conscripted into the military

Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai

*As insiders information, leaks on troops, convoys movements and other Military plots simply land in Boko Haram hands helping them to outwit the military in the North East battle


By Ahmed Ahmadu,  Abuja



The Military battle with the dreaded Boko Haram Sects certainly may not see its end even in the next five years, instead the sect would be growing and gaining more ground if the conscription of thousands of Boko Haram fighters into the Military is not stopped and those already recruited pushed out to other axis of the country to stop them from dropping classified Military information, classified convoy and troops movement to members of the Sect.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the top hierarchy of the Boko Haram has in a few days back sent in about two hundred of their fighters in the days ahead to surrender themselves to man of the Nigeria Military as already been tired of the fighting and wanting to be out following which the Nigeria Military as usual with the aid and funding of the Federal Government take them through six months to a year de radicalization program me after which they would be recruited or is it conscripted in to the Nigerian Military as  just as over two thousands  have been conscripted.

The aim of the new recruits into the ‘Surrender gimmick’ by the sect, is to get another set of Boko Haram boys into the Military where investigations confirmed they are supplying and working for the same sects while in the uniform of the Military thereby making the terrorist to be getting classified information that has for some months now helped the Sects into dealing heavy casualties on the Nigerian Military.

Daily watch investigations in the Military Confirmed that presently over two thousand if not more Boko Haram fighters are Presently inside the Military as men of Nigerian Military under a very shocking recruitment policy of the Buhari’s administration that considered all repentant and  de-radicalized sect members into the Nigerian Military an issue the sect is now using against the Federal Government and the Nigerian Military be sending their trusted agents into the Surrender marker of trick after which they are hurriedly conscripted into the Nigeria Military as de radicalized sect members only for same to be doing the dirty job of information gathering and passing to the same Sect which the men f the Nigeria Military are fighting in the North East.

Daily Watch sources amongst several top Military offices in Abuja Confirmed that though the Military has repeatedly called for the stopping of the obnoxious policy y the Buhari’s administration ,the Federal Government has totally refused to jettison the program which at a fairly estimate has gotten over 200 thousand Boko Haram de radicalized fighters in to the Military with several of them now turning to serving as spies and agent  for the Boko Haram and assisting in ferrying troops and convoy movements etc that has so far helped to up the successes of the sect against the Military in the battle in Borno and other areas in the North east where the battle still rages and the sect gaining much more footing in the past months.



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