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Shocker! How Nigerians, Ghanians Trade their Kidneys for dollars


  ABUJA-The human kidney business is a new booming one in most parts of African countries. Kidney is one of the most vital organs that keeps every
human part of the body afloat in the world, in a unique way the almighty God moulded the human for his own purpose and so in each human he created two kidneys to help the human survive the rigors of life even when the creator
knows man can survive on one kidney. There is a spare kidney for any eventualities.


Today, This unique work of God has now turned into  a very crude
and booming business venture where men trade in kidneys like they do in raw
minerals and gold. Kidney trading which before now was done in hush
hush tone in the days of war in many Africa Countries like Sierra
Leone, Liberia etc where most rebel leaders then rather than kill  and
dump inhabitants of villages remove their Kidneys   and in specially
created refrigerators keep such Kidneys alive and fresh until within
days for sale in Europe and Asia in very huge foreign currencies.

PHOT But with the end of War and Crisis in many African countries where
easy Kidneys are sourced from the business of Kidney trading seem now
to be taking a new dimension as the streets in Nigeria and Ghana have
now become the sources of Kidney supply to the world Kidney Market.

Daily Watch
investigations several Weeks has confirmed a well-organized Kidney Market in Nigeria and Ghana where young men are
deceived and their Kidneys extracted and sold for several millions in
most cases with their knowledge.

Basically the Kidney Syndicates operates in two level and they are
even online for those who are ready and willing to dole out their
Kidneys for some millions.

The first pattern is for those who intentionally and willingly want
to trade their Kidney for Dollars, these sets of Nigerians  and
Ghanaians  youths are lured with the story that you can survive on a
kidney to travel to Malaysia on paid ticket where they are operated on
and one kidney extracted with state of the art facilities and
medications after which the victim is paid between 12 to 15 million
depending on your bargaining power and they are sent back to Ghana
from whence they make their Journey home to Nigeria where they become
overnight Millionaires with one kidney.

In other instance agents lure friends, would be footballers, sportsmen
with stories of lucrative deals for the abroad and when such persons
fall for the pranks there are moved to countries like Malaysia, India,
Cambodia and made  others where within days their food would be spiked
and told medically that they have serious kidney defect that must be
operated on for them to survive and the agents who serves as a
guardian pushes the person to go for treatment in which one kidney
would be extracted  and the agents paid several millions while the
young person is eventually sent back with two or three millions with
the story that because of the major operation he would not fit into
whatever sports he is aspiring to pursue and many return home and
without knowing the problem or good medication fall ill again after
several months and die.

Daily Watch chat  online with a popular kidney agent while posing
as a willing seller confirms these trends as the agent was willing to
part with as much as  five million and a to and fro ticket to
Malaysia. According to him “ it is possible to live to your ripe age
as destined by the almighty God  with a Kidney as Medicine has proven
so why not sell one kidney, live well and enjoy life  to the fullest
as a big boy than been with dual kidney and live a life of
impoverishment’’. It is with sweet talk and satanic analysis of this
nature and pattern that many young men and ladies fall prey to and
within a short time lost their lives, some without completing eating
the so called filthy lucre.

So When next you see a young man becoming a millionaire just weeks
or months of travelling to Ghana and back claiming he hit a business
deal that pushed him to the millionaire class then be certain he is
living on just one Kidney and on borrowed time in most cases as he
most likely must have sold one of his Kidney for the millions he is


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