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Shocker: Nigeria AGF defends Boko Haram before ICC President


*Afeniferi, others called for his resignation or sack



Abubarka Mallami

LAGOS- In what has become a shock to many Nigerians and many who sees the Boko Haram as one evil that must be wiped out from the face of Nigerian and the earth in totality the Attorney General of Nigeria has turned to the new Media aide of the Sect.

This whole scenario which was like a poorly scripted Nigeria movie played out about two days ago when the Nigerian Minister for Justice and Attorney General of the Federation played host to Mr. Chile Ebro Osuji ,the President of the International Court (ICC) in Abuja on Thursday.

The ICC president who visited the Country and hinted of the ICC investigation of the Boko Haram Sect and the Nigeria Military following preliminary investigations was bluntly told by the Nigerian AGF of the Nigerian government disappointment and unhappiness over the probe.
According to the Attorney General of the Federation and minister for Justice the Nigerian government is not comfortable with the eight point terms of investigation by the ICC.
In the words of the AGF ‘’Presently the ICC has escalated the eight potentials cases against Nigeria –six against the Boko Haram and two against the military –from the initial preliminary examination to preliminary investigation, this is worrisome as Nigeria has shown and demonstrated beyond doubt and in absolute cooperation with the ICC that it is willing and able as a matter of fact ,it is indeed arresting, investigating and prosecuting anyone that commits an offence that falls within the Rome statute of the ICC. This been the case Nigeria views the escalation of the eight potential cases as uncalled for in the circumstance’’.

This statement of the AGF expressing angst against the decision of the ICC to carry out full fledge investigations on all about Boko Haram and his Sponsors and Nigerian military seem to cast the AGF as either protecting the sect who had killed over 1 million Nigerians of afraid of something the whole Nigerians don’t know.

Daily Watch spoke to Yinka Odumakin, the Spokes person of Afeniferi a Yoruba Socio Cultural Organization on the reported statement of the Nigeria AGF on the ICC intent to probe Boko Haram sect and the Military and express shock as to which of the divide the AGF is, wondering if he is Nigeria AGF or simply an extension of the Media aide of the Sect and called for the resignation or sack of the AGF for his utterances before the ICC president.

In the words of Yinka Odumakin ‘’If the ICC is investigating Boko Haram are they investigating the North or by extension the federal government of Nigeria?.For Nigerian attorney General to turn his office to the media department of BOKO haram is almost unheard of and Nigeria should be absolutely worried about it as the man should be out rightly sacked or resign his position as he does speak for Nigerian”

Also commenting on the AGF statement a social Critic Paul Ejiugi called on the government or an independent body to investigate thoroughly the AGF statement and see if he is not in tune with the Boko Haram on this one taking into consideration of the statement in the past when this same AGF was CPC legal man and the same sect nominated Buhari as their man to negotiate with Jonathan Government though he later rejected and also for the fact that this same President has once openly said that attack on Boko Haram is an Attack on the North.

In his words, ”this government and statement of the AGF need real investigations taking into consideration that this same Malami was the CPC legal man when this same sect wanted Buhari to be their main man in a negotiation with the Jonathan Government though he later declined but he openly too then also described any attack on the sect as an attack on the North, then this speech by the AGF against ICC probe- it is too many coincidences”
Attempts to reach out to the spokesperson of the AGF or the Presidency on the statement by the AGF before the ICC president was not possible as at the time of going to press.


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