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Shocker: NIA DG not a Nigeria, a Fulani from Chad holding suspected university degree



             *Brought in because Mohammed Dauda refuses sharing billion dollars in NIA  with cabal

            *Appointment breach all known constitutional provision as he is below Director Cadre having failed Exams four times


NIA DG Ahmed Abubakar

ABUJA-More shocking dirt seem to be pouring out of the reported appointment of an unqualified person as a Director General in the NIA, Nigerian Foremost Security organization  as the new DG has been confirmed not to be a Nigerian.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Abubakar Rufai who got appointed in the most bizarre and extremely controversial circumstance having failed his Exams to qualify for Directorship four times against all known rules and yet against known Civil Services rules that forbid any below Director Cardre from Holding the Position of Director General hot pushed to the Position of the NIA Director General by the Cabal in the Buhari Government who are said to have a special interest in the several billions of Dollars in theve NIA coffers which the former acting DG Dauda Mohammed refused to share with the cabal that necessitate his removal from the NIA as acting Director General on the droping of Olusola Oke.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that apart from been a dunce  academically as almost all the certificate flaunted by Rufai can’t be verified the new NIA DG is truly not a Nigerian as his Parents are all said to be of Chadian Nationality but came to Nigeria and got assimilated because of the Fulani language and Culture.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Rufai certificates are totally suspect coupled with the fact that he is not Nigerian and having failed his Promotion examination made unqualified for a security sensitive position as the NIA thereby putting the whole country Security in the hands of a Chadian.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Drafting of Rufai a senior special assistant in the Foreign Affairs ministry where he was drafted to after serially failing his directorship exams became a good candidate for the cabals in the Presidency who are said to be eyeing the billions of Dollars in the NIA coffers for which the removal of the former acting DG was carried out following his refusal of all entities by the cabal to divide the cash in the name of 2019 APC presidential campaign fund.

Already, according to investigations the billions of Naira in the till of the NIA has started depleting in Geometrical progression as the new helms man is said to be in a hurry to wipe out the several billions left by Mohammed Dauda.

Daily Watch Confirmed that already they seem to be high class Tension in the NIA among the present Directors who are said to be senior Colleague of the new NIA boss by virtue of passing the examination failed four times by the new NIA boss over four to five years ago and now under serious witch hunting by the new dunce on the throne.

Already stories of Retirement for most of the highly trained, experienced and professional hands is on the way to create a conducive field for the dunce that was drafted in by the cabal as he is said to have reported to his masters the cabal of his discomfort with his former superiors and want them retired fast from the NIA and Federal Government.

Daily Watch attempts to get certificates and other documents of Rufai Abubakar was resisted as there is said to be a hard core of secrecy around the educational qualification of the new NIA boss as there are rumors that even his supposed University digrees and other certificates he used to enter into the Nigeria Work force  are suspect as there are not genuine but perfectly cloned and forged  same for his identity as he is and cannot trace his family route to any village in Nigeria.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that already the House of Representative and Senate is set to carry out a serious investigations into the new NIA boss qualifications  to hold such position having failed serially and also his true nationality etc.

Attempts to get through to the New DG was not possible as a brick wall has been created around him by the Presidency making any thing about him a no go area.


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