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Shocker: Muslims finally take over Nigeria, vow Christians ‘ll ever be President

Muhammadu Buhari,

*As Secret meet reaches several decisions on Nigeria.

By Alfred  Kayode, Abuja

That Nigeria is edging towards  been classified as a Muslim country in the few years ahead though been viewed foolishly by several Christians as a secular Country is no more news, the news is that the top hierarchy of  core Muslims in Nigeria has reached a final decision of the faith of Christians  and the country Nigeria as a Nation.

The decision which is as shocking and unbelievable seemed to have confirmed the story of Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo that Nigeria as it is known is edging towards been not just Islamized but also Fulani zed.

Daily Watch  Sources I the North confirmed that several meets has been ongoing in the North as regards Nigeria and the political destination the most recent which was held in Kano state where highly selected Nigerians from Northern extraction with over seventy percent been Fulanize  formally accepted the papers submitted by some select academia headed by A Fulani Lecturer in Bayero University.

According to Daily Watch Sources privy t the meet and papers so endorsed is the final phase of making Nigeria not just a Islamic State but from 2019 formally put all modalities towards actualizing this plot which is already been executed by the Present administration with a vow in the meet to cage and frustrate any Christian from attaining or ever becoming President of the Country via any means.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the so called RUGA settlement to a large extent is simply t create Fulani and Muslim Emirates and Community in all the 36 states of Nigeria and not to stop any Farmer /herders clash as been promoted by Miyiti Allah and several Fulanis in this administration.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the RUGA papers were actually drawn at the popular Bayero University to this special Committee and sent through the Cabal for implementation and it is simply meant to create a new Country were the Muslims and Fulanis are in every state in the Country and owning what would becoming the level of a Local Government, traditional Ruler and what later would turn to an Emirate in every state of the Federation.

Daily watch Sources confirmed that it was this grand plot on the final lap that one of the Elders in the North, one of the Founders of the Northern Elders Forum Abdulraihim Mohammed was alluding to in his recent statement where he openly vowed that no Christian can ever rule Nigeria again and neither Bola Tinubu for been a mixed breed as in been a Muslim and having Christian Wife and whatever. What Mohammed didn’t openly tell Nigerians is that this decision was reached by a special think thank of not just Muslim scholars of which eighty percent are Fulanis inside Nigeria and from other African country with the sole aim of turning Nigeria to one great Muslim Country starting with the Ruga and Presidency of the Country as stated by Mohammed few days ago.

Daily Watch Sources a top Hausa Muslims confirmed that even the Northerners are not left out of this siege that the Fulanis are plotting in the name  Islamizing Nigeria while in the real sense they are simply Fulani zing Nigeria and deceiving other Muslims of different stocks in the North to back them in the pursuit of a secret agenda.

Daily Watch Sources also has it that in aspect of Ministerial slot over six slots have been marked as no go areas for any Christian in Nigeria no matter what as theses six are instrumental to the Islamization agenda of the Fulanize and one of the Ministry is that of Education which with that f the Presidency have been marked as no go area for Christians from the administration of Buhari and one of the reasons a diehard  believer and fierce ‘islamist’  in the Islamization agenda was drafted from Unillorin to head Jamb but unknown to most Nigerians.

Daily Watch frantic effort to reach out to Mohammed a frontline member of the Northern Elders Christian Forum to shed more light on who and who made the decision against Christian Presidency for Nigeria that made him spoke with extreme confidence but met a brick wall.





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