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Shocker as Imo House of shame endorses Okorocha’s in-law for APC ticket



*Each member gets 15 million naira to sign endorsement deal
and Ticket back

*Traditional rulers, others to follow soon with collection of
millions, endorsement


IMO-Shamelessness has no other name than what it is if the scenario
coming out of Imo state House of Assembly where the members days ago
endorsed the Son in law of Okorocha as the successor to Okorocha.

Daily Watch investigations in the capital of Imo state can confirmed
for free that the House of Assembly act of Shame in a state where the
governor rules like a fiefdom without a single opposition or check
from the house to now leave the series of financial atrocities of the
Okorocha led administration to focus on succession was as shocking and

The endorsement which was announced by  Henry  Ezediare  the chairman
of the House committee  on Petroleum, Imo state oil producing Areas
Development commission and Niger Delta  Development  to  a shocked
world and Nigerians in particular  confirmed an earlier speculation
that the Governor  is bent on positioning his Son In Law as the substantive
governor of the  state after his exit to cover up for all the loots
and debt he has launched the state in to a reason for his secret
dropping of his first Deputy Governor who would have been a hard nut
to sell in his Son –in –law game plan.

Daily Watch can confirmed that in the days ahead the state executive
council, all traditional rulers in the state and diverse personality
would be in the bandwagon of endorsement as it is the new money making
machine for the people of the state who are presently been mobilized
in millions individually and collectively to toe the pro Okorocha’s
Son in Law governorship pursuit under the APC after which another
member of the family would take over after the eight years turning the
Imo state Governorship seat into the Okorocha’s dynasty.

How the Okorocha Dynasty plot would sail through with an Oath induced
and shameless House of assembly would be known  in the coming 2019
elections when the citizens of Imo would be faced with the choice of
Imo as a family business under Okorocha and Family plc and Imo under
the reign of the people.

Daily Watch attempt to speak to other members of the State House of
Assembly to confirm if the Chairman Hoses committee on Petroleum was
speaking the mind of the whole house and if the bribe of fifteen
Million naira each to craft the endorsement were facts was nnot
possible as every member was avoiding speaking on the twin issue.


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