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Shocker: How Buhari runs administration N1billion monthly, other several billions as security votes



                  *While Ministers Pocket about 10 million Naira as monthly running cost


President Muhammadu Buhari

ABUJA-Just when Nigerians were said to be in a state of unprecedented shock over the 13,5 billion Naira collected by the Senate as running cost every month much more shock would be in for Nigerians when the exact figure collected by the President and his minister as running cost is exposed.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja days ago confirmed that what each Senator and the House of Representative collects in the name of running cost far pales into an insignificant sum when compared to the huge amount expanded on the President, vice President and Ministers as their running cost.

According to some sources in the Villa, the President of the Country Mohammadu Buhari presently goes home with a running cost that is said to be about one Billion Naira Monthly and about a hundred Billion Naira for Security Vote which is not budgeted for by the President or for which the President is said to be at liberty to spend the way and manner he wants with no one to check or approve how it is spent.

Daily Watch also confirm from our sources in the Vila that each Minister gets as much as 10 million Naira Monthly as their own running cost which is almost at par with what those in the senate and House of Representative also gets.

Attempts to reach out to the chairman of the Presidential advisory committee   on Corruption who days ago claimed Nigerians would go gaga over Senators running cost about his views on the President and ministers running cost and if Nigerians would not go hyper gaga too over the President free Security votes running into Billions and the Monthly 1 billion Naira running cost was not possible as at the time of going to press.

Also most of the President Media team opt to remain mute despite over six messages on the same topic sent to their phones days before going to Press


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