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Shocker: EFCC, DSS in fresh trouble as recovered loot assets, re-looted


*  Buhari sets up 3-member recovered loot audit committee

*Panic envelopes EFCC, DSS and other agencies


ABUJA-That the EFCC and all the anti-corruption agencies has recovered much in the anti-corruption war is no news but the news in and around Abuja is the secret pilfering of the so called recovered loots by men in
charge of anti-graft agencies.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja has unearthed a syndicate that is
headed by key members of the Country anti-corruption bodies and
agencies that have been pilfering with most of the recovered loots such
that if what is announced as recovered is placed side by side with
what is on ground the difference would be a shocker to Nigerians.

The looting which is secretly been done through several means has seen
the country losing several billions to the syndicates who are also
said to be not just involved in the cash looting but also using third
and fourth parties to secretly buy multi -billion naira seized
properties to themselves.

Daily Watch
investigations confirmed the deal which is now seen as a
heist by those involved as several billions have not only be ferreted
through phony means such as payments for contracts and money to
solicitors of the anti-graft Lawyers  from recovered loots since
according to the looters ,what was budgeted for the anti-graft body
was not enough and other shocking ways.

Already a shocked President Buhari Mohammadu is said to have gotten
wind of the re-looting of looted funds and to check mate the act has
set up an audit body to audit all recovered monies and properties with
the intent of not curbing the trend but to see how much had been
re-looted and the person ,agencies or persons involved.

The committee which was inaugurated days ago was tagged as Audit
committee on the recovery and management of stolen Assets within and
outside Nigeria at the First Lady Conference room in the Presidential
Villa, Abuja has one month to complete the Auditing,

According to the President on the occasion, All recovered loots must
be accounted for by anyone in whose possession such loots are .The
Committee which has three members including Mr.Olufemi  Lajadu,Mrs
Gloria Chinyere  Bibigha and  Mr. Mohammed Nami was given a month
period to complete its task.

According to the President while inaugurating the committee ‘’In
recovering loots we do not create new room for dishonourable conduct by
any individual or agency that I directed earlier in the year to send
in detailed reports of all their recovered assets as at March 2017’’

The president confirmed that the decision to set up the committee is
to ensure that all returns filled by various agencies were accurate
and consistent with actual recoveries made or claimed to have been

The Committee is expected to check all loots recovered, accounts kept,
withdrawal and dates of all accounts and lodgements involving all
agencies until April 19th 2017.

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed serious  tensions and
apprehensions In the EFCC and many government agencies said to housing
recovered loot is frantically on in anticipation of the committee’s


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