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Shocker: Condom scarcity looms in Big Brother lockdown as Housemates opt for sex in bathroom to beat viewers

Big Brother lockdown as Housemates in deep romantic kisses

By Veronica Emmanuel, Lagos

In what seem like magic to the ears viewers of  the ongoing Big Brother Show in Nigeria popularly called the lockdown edition were taken aback when some of the housemates were heard complaining about the reduction of Condoms in the house yet none apart from one of the exited house mates have ever been caught in the sex acts.


Daily Watch observation confirmed that the Lockdown Big Brother house mates are like their predecessors also guilty of sexual escapades but this time wise enough to carry out the sexual exploit in the batting room rather than in the night which was the case amongst past big brothers house mates.

In what seemed as birds leaning how to fly without landing just as hunters gets more knowledgeable in the acts of shooting, the new housemate have taken their sexual idiosyncrasies and sexual acts to the bathroom were they discovered there are no hidden cameras to expose them.

Keen observers of the show would now noticed that house maids general are always negotiating to take heir bah together which indirectly is a way of beating the cameras to their sex acts as it is now common to hear house maids asking their male and some time female counterparts if they can bah with them in the bathroom a simple strategy to go into sexual acts without the viewers knowing.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the bathroom discuss  as it is called which is a new name for sexual affinity was started by Ozo and Ningi whom several House members confirmed were most times together in the bathroom prompting several other house maids to adopt the same procedures to beat the Camera.

Few days ago ,the reduction of Condoms in the House was noticed as one of the House maids in the name of Ningi was heard asking Ozo how the condoms are getting depleted in such a fast rate and if Ozo was among those secretly making use of the Condoms,

Daily Watch monitoring of the program me  in Abuja here confirmed that as at yesterday condom scarcity is set to stare the housemaids in their face except the organizers  are fast in replenishing the stocks just the same way they replenish the food supply in the house.


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