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Shocker: Buhari govt sets to recall another suspended thief Mounir Gwarzo



           *Grumbling in SEC as Gwarzo Loyalist commences jubilation and boasting.

           *Cabal met two days ago and directed the up turning of Gwazo suspension by Minister of Finance.


   *Orders EFCC to return case files on Gwarzo criminal deeds to Chief of Staff immediately.

Mounir Gwarzo

ABUJA-  Just when the looters list released by the Federal Government of Nigeria is causing a stir over the exclusion of several known and indicted APC thieves and super looters in the Present Government of Mohammadu Buhari another shocker is said to be on the  ground as the Presidency and cabal are set to jettison the Suspension placed on the Stock Exchange DG Mounir Gwarzo for looting and recall him to the same position.

A daily Watch investigation in Abuja confirm that except for a last minute change of heart and plans the Presidency and Cabal in the Presidency met two days ago with a set agenda of asking the President to re instate the Suspended DG of SEC with immediate Effect.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the resumption order which is to come on any minute from today except for divine intervention would see another thief after that of the NSFIST reinstated from suspension without due process and all files on the thief Mounir Gwarzo sent from the EFCC to the Chief of Staff to the President who has become the final clearing house of all corruption related cases now for Final burial.

According to our Sources in the EFCC the files of Gwarzo and the monumental discoveries of millions he looted has been demanded yesterday by the chief of staff for  final burial prior to the reinstatement of the suspended DG just in the same week where the government is said to be publishing a list of looters.

It would be recalled that Mounir Gwarzo was suspended several months back by the Nigeria Minister for Finance Kemi Adeaosun after reports of a Presidential Panel of Inquiry found him culpable of paying over 108 million naira to himself as Severance Emolument while still serving as a DG and several other infractions and bare faced looting in contracts awarded and splitting under his watch.

Already, tension is said to by high in SEC following the stories and boast by supporters of Mounir Gwarzo that he would be on his seat in the next few days.

Daily Watch spoke to Isaac Ojemhenke who is the State Secretary of ASCSN in the FCT and he confirmed the story of plots to bring back the suspended DG by the President but warned that such act would not only kill and dent the administration’s much talked about corruption fight but would totally create a serious repercussion in SEC if the man suspended after investigation by a constitutional body is brought back through the back door.

Attempts by Daily Watch to speak to the minister of finance over the planned reinstatement of a thief with ample evidences by the Presidency was not possible as messages to the Minister Media team was not responded to.



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