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Shocker as Buhari gives billion naira thief, Saleh Garba Usman, new job as NJC Registrar



*AGF orders discontinuation of trial after arraignment

*Presidency gives him dual job as Registrar/Corruption monitor


ABUJA-In what would make Mainagate a mere laughing issue to Nigerians the President has again appointed a N2 billion naira thief as the new
Registrar of the National Judicial Council (NJC) after been sacked as
Registrar of Supreme court for looting.

Daily Watch investigations over a month in the seat of Power in Abuja
has again exposed another monumental and grand cover up in the like of
the Mainagate scandal where a wanted thief was reinstated and promoted
to the position of a Deputy Director in the Federal Civil Service by
the Buhari Administration in very controversial circumstances that is
still kept a secret because of  the calibre of those involved till
date, but  new expose it is not just the reinstatement of a wanted
thief but the dropping of charges of a thief, Saleh Garba
Usman  on the New Registrar of the NJC on the order of the AGF and the Presidency to pave way for his
elevation to the dual position of the Registrar of the National
Judicial Council (NJC) and as Secretary of the Nations Corruption
Monitoring Committee.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the Present Registrar of the
National Judicial Council (NJC) and secretary of the Corruption
monitoring Committee is himself not just a corrupt man but one facing
trial for looting well over N2billion Naira from the Federal
Government when he is the Registrar of Supreme Court of Nigeria from
where he was not only sacked but a probe panel indicted him and
recommended him for trial for which he was immediately charged to

Investigations by Daily Watch confirmed that the said Saleh Garba
Usman who stole well over two Billion and standing trial in a Court of
competent Jurisdiction  shockingly in what has become usual with the
Buhari’s administration  got  his trial dropped by orders of the
AGF/Presidency so as to pave way for his elevation and appointment as
not just NJC registrar but   as the new Secretary of the Corruption
Monitoring Committee in the Country   thereby for the first time in
Nigerian history making a 2 billion naira  suspected thief  under
trial to seat atop not just NJC as registrar  but to monitor all
corruption cases in the Country.

Daily Watch
visit to get the facts from the EFCC on how a criminal
under trial got his trial dropped and got elevated to a twin
sensitive positions in the Country was as difficult as cracking a rock
as everyone at the EFCC seem afraid to speak for fear of the
repercussions from the villa but a confidential sources in the  EFCC
who doesn’t want his name in print confirmed that Saleh Garba Usman
the Present registrar of the National Judicial Council was indeed
involved in the looting of 2billion naira for which he was sent
packing as the registrar of the Supreme court only for the Presidency
to send a letter for not only dropping of the charges but elevating
him to the  position of the Registrar of the NJC and to monitor
corruption related cases.

Attempts to speak to the spokesman of the Presidency on how a man
under 2 billion naira theft trial is now in charge of monitoring
Corruption related cases and also the Registrar of NJC was not
possible as all text messages to his phone was not answered neither
was the messages to the EFCC line answered as everyone keep dodging
the grand conspiracy and contravention of the anti-corruption war
which the same Buhari Government claims to be seriously fighting.


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