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Shocker as bubble bursts for saint Obanikoro


*Your corruption case can’t be a trade by barter
instrument by APC-Sagay

             *Please keep clear off our affairs-APC

ABUJA-Less than four days after Saint Mussilum Obanekoro took a dive to the
APC following assurances that all pending corruption investigations
and cases against him would be dropped  the reverse seem to be the
case if feelers from seat of power is to be believed.

According to Daily Watch Investigations the Promise giving to
Obanekoro to make him a saint once he moved from PDP to APC seem to be
what the Lagosians termed as ONE Chance after all if the battle in
Abuja days ago over the issue is anything to reflect on.

According to investigations, the story and lobby instrument been
dished out by the APC fishing team headed by El Rufai whose mandate
included bringing in Opposition members as much as possible and stream
ling methodology to break every other opposition seem to be falling
apart as the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee against
Corruption seem to have put his foot down and singing a different
melody over the Obanekoro sainthood ship.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the PACAC chairman Professor
Itsy Sagay was said to have gotten wind of the APC game plan that seem
to give leeway to corrupt persons evade justice by jumping ship and
quickly and directly forwarded complaints to the President who also
directed the head of the anti graft body to pursue every case against
anyone that decamped for safe landing. It was this directive that
resulted in the open statement days ago by the PACAC chairman to the
effect that ‘not even decamping to APC would give Obanekoro safe
landing for his corruption issue’ thereby puncturing the assurance the
former PDP leader in Lagos state and one time Minister for state for
defense got from the top Hierarchy of the APC  before his final
jumping of ship that his case would be made easy if he jumps party.

While the PACAC chairmen seem furious over the APC trading corruption
case dropping for members and shouting it loud that such feat can not
be tolerated the leaders of the APC are said to be using the Cabal and
the Chief of staff to the President to  actually destroying the cases
of those they really want destroyed either through poor prosecution
technique or the dropping of sensitive evidences that would have made
conviction much more easier thereby allowing the case running through
but effectively stopping all serious efforts to get convictions.

Presently there seem to be high tension among the PACAC chairman who
is not a politician, the APC leadership and the Cabal over the
interference of the Chairman of PACAC in the APC membership wooing
methodology and special plot effort to see how the PACAC leader be
removed from the exalted position using the Cabal who are said to be
the actual power base of the seat of power and who allergens with the
Party leadership in membership drive so as to make 2019 and easy ride
for the APC and the Cabal.

Attempts to get the views of the APC leadership over the statement by
Professor Itse Sagay about the corruption cases of Obanekoro and his
sainthood dream was not possible as at the time of going to press as
test messages to the aide of the APC chairman refuses to comment as
they claimed only their boss can personally speak on the issue.






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