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Shocker: As Atiku secretly commences 2023 Presidential contest

Atiku Abubakar

*Wike, Tambuwal, Saraki also begin secret consultations, as Ebonyi gov, negotiates with Cabal.

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

Less than two weeks after the Presidential Appeal panel represented by the Supreme Court of Nigeria gave its verdict on the Appeal by the PDP Presidential Candidate Abubakar Atiku against the APC Presidential Candidate and Winner of the 2019 Presidential election, the PDP presidential Candidate seemed to have commence moves to again cast his luck on the 2023 Presidential Poll,


Daily watch investigations confirmed that PDP Presidential Candidate Abubakar Atiku has secretly Commenced massive consultations with almost all the foot soldiers and key political alleys that ere part and parcel of his 2019 Presidential contest with the sol intent of keeping them intact in the new battle ahead which this time would not just be with the APC but with several top PDP leaders who also are secret plotting and gearing up to contest the Presidential polls also.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that  about five PDP top members are already gearing to go and in very discreet consultation  for the 2023 Presidential polls with over three years plus to the 2023 elections.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that apart from Alhaji Atiku who seemed bent on throwing his hat into the ring for another contest on the PDP come 2023,the exist the executive governor of Rivers state who is serious nursing ticket with the Present executive governor of Sokoto Aminu Tambuwal  as both have religiously sealed a very strong and unexplained bound even before Tambuwal defection to the PDP and fought for the Presidential ticket with Alhaji Atiku with the very strong backing of Nyesom Wike who this time is bent on playing a key role in his joint ticket with Tambuwal unlike the 2019 PDP Primaries.

Daily Watch investigations also confirmed that apart from  Nyesom Wike and Tambuwal, there Is the former Senate President Bukola Saraki who lost his Kwara state empire to the APC but has secretly commenced a massive building process that may shock not just the APC but Nigerians as his comeback plot to become the godfather of Kwara Politics again is taking firm ground and root which is a prelude to the larger picture of contesting the Presidential race under the PDP.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that at a modest count over five PDP top shots are consulting secretly and building their own secret blocks that would helped them when the time comes to pursue their dram of ruling the country.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the recent vituperations and harsh words f the Rivers state Governor Nyesom Wike ,governor of Rivers State against the PDP  several Weeks back was simply symptom of the fight that would engulf the PDP when the time comes as the Nye some Wike group are bent on fighting real hard and dirty to cage and if not totally obliterate the Atiku’s Political dream with their simple aim and intent of making themselves Candidate of the PDP   as the Atiku Camp is to Wike and Tambuwal group is the only strong obstacle to their dream of a ticket using the PDP hence he nonstop vituperation and  catharsis by the Rivers governor against the PDP which he deemed as too pro Atiku for their liking and must e dismantled  before the 2023 elections.

While Atiku for now seemed to be almost in firm control of the PDP with his extensive affinity with not only most of the executive governors of the PDP but also with majority of the Party Chairmen and their executives whose loyalty to Atiku is legendry and fierce  unlike several of the others secreting mooting the Presidential pursuit but with little pr no frm picture or evidences on ground.

Also of note is the plot by the executive governor of Ebonyi state to stage a surprise pursuit of his Presidential ambition but this time using the APC after some secret negotiations that is still ongoing with the Aso Rock Cabal in a massive Symbiotic game plots that Umahi hope would see the Cabal backing him and his switch to the APC to make his dream materialized.

Daily watch frantic effort to reach out to Paul Ibe, one of Abubakar Atiku’s Media aide Paul Ibe on the story about Atiku plotting to throw his heart into the 2023 Presidential Contest and even on a consulting train right about now, was not possible as at the time of going o Press but one thing seemed certain, that the battle for 2023 under the PDP  would be very tense and powerful taking into consideration the caliber of men looking up to the electorate in the Party for the very  top most position.



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