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Shocker! APO 6 killer promoted twice in less than five months now AIG



*Decorated AIG days ago by IG in what many termed influence from Above.

        *Promotion in Police now more of who you know or millions of Naira


ABUJA-The Rot in the Nigerian police Force rather than abetting seem to be getting more and more pronounced as more shocking expose has brought to light the influence of those in power over the Promotion and discipline of officers of the Police.

Just when the expose on the influence of the Chief Security officer discuss with the chairman of the police Commissions Mike Okiro hit the air waves and the reported promotion of the force PPRO on the ‘Words’ of Buhari’s nephew another round of funny promotion said to have been influenced by the powers that be in the same Buhari’s government has hit the police force with many other officers are grumbling over the game of promotions based on outside influences’, money and selfish methods rather than merit.

The New Promotion which involved the notorious leader of the APO six Killings DCP Ibrahim Danjuma who was reported to have killed in cold blood six Igbo Youths in Apo as a result of wanting a lady amongst the six is said to be creating bad blood in the Force.

Daily Watch investigation has it that Ibrahim Danjuma shortly and shockingly after having his case of  glaring murder thrown away by an Abuja high court despite all the clear cut evidences was quickly reinstated into the Nigerian police Force without any appeal from the Nigerian police and paid his salary arrears from 2005 to date.

That not been enough he was moved from his old position of DCP to full commissioner in less than a week of been reinstated by the Police Service Commissions November 2017 and again in less than five months moved to the Position of an AIG in the same Nigerian police Force where some officers had been in one Rank for upward of ten years yet a killer cops got two sensitive Promotions in less than five months from the same Mike Okiro led Police Service Commissions.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Double promotion in five months and the hurried reinstatement was at the behest of a Chief of Staff to the President who is said to be of very close affinity to Danjuma Ibrahim.

Already several officers are said to be kicking how someone can get promoted twice within five months while several other officers have been grounded promotion wise running over ten to twelve years.

Daily Watch investigations has it that promotion and postings these days in the Police has to be for a Price in monetary terms or the influence of the men in power like in the cases of Danjuma Ibrahim who got promoted twice in five months  on the lobby of the Chief of Staff to the President and the Force PPRO who got his within weeks of Buhari’s Nephew conversation with Mike Okiro.

Attempts to reach out to the PSC spokesperson on why and man just out from a case that is supposed to be appealed on gets reinstated hurriedly and get promoted in November 2017 and within five months gets another to the Position of an AIG was not Possible as at the time of going to press.


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