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Shocker! How APC Cabals Spent N3billion to Move Saraki from Senate


ILORIN – The political atmosphere in the seat of power in Abuja seem to be getting hotter and ridiculously messier as money keeps been dished out of the coffers of the Federal government for personal and Political issues that has little or nothing to do with Governance in the

Weeks ago Daily Watch was on call to informing Nigerians about
several millions  that was dished out from Abuja to replicate not only
the Independent People of Biafra IPOB with the forming of a counter
organization known as IPOBR but other organization towards dealing a
counter blow to these organizations.


The new expose in Abuja is the release of Several billions of
Naira days ago to the duo of Bolaji Abdullai APC Spokesperson  and
the Minister of Sports for the purpose of bringing down anfd recalling
of  the person of Olusola Saraki, the President of the Senate.

The money which was released in three trenches was given to the duo
for onward transmission to the City of Ilorin to sponsor and spur
diverse organizations to firm up their criticism, protest and
eventual call for the recall of the Senate President Dr. Olusola

Two of the many organizations said to have landed their hands in
this filthy lucre are the Kwara Youth Stakeholders Forum led by one
Charles Olufemi Folaran and the Kwara must change group which has
already commenced series of poster printing and pasting all over
Ilorin calling for the removal of senate President Dr. Olusola Saraki
for not only failing the people of Kwara state but in the thick of
battle with the executive arms of Government.

The groups which have been mobilized handsomely like in the case
of Kogi state were the federal executive was said to have in
collaboration with the Executive Governor of kogi state spent over two
billion naira for Dino Malaye Recall process are said to have been
primed to increase not just the tempo of their call but to move
further to initiate a recall process against the Senate President in
the form of the Kogi rendezvous against Malaye that is still ongoing.

Already the Kwara state Stakeholders Forum has addressed the Press
were there not only lambasted and poured venom on the Senate President
but were said to be on the verge of putting modalities in place for a
recall process against the senate President from the money supplied by
the Executive arm of Government.

How Successful the diverse paid   groups in Kwara State like ’Kwara
must Change Hands’ and ‘Kwara Stakeholders Group’ led by   Charles
Olufemi as President, Amadu Alanamu as Deputy   President and  Olusola
as secretary would go in their paid mission in a state where Saraki is
like a demigod would be exposed in the days coming when more funds
would have been pushed into the Fry by the   Sponsors of this ’deathly


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