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Shocker: Adamawa, Bauchi state governors barred from meeting Buhari over re-run

Muhammadu Buhari

Following the reported meet of the President and his Cabal and reported acceptance to assist the Kano state governor using what is now known as ‘Presidential might’ in the re scheduled re-run elections in Kano state two other Governors, that of Adamawa and Bauchi were said to have hurriedly hit Abuja the seat of Power to solicit for the same federal Favour.

Daily watch Sources confirmed that  unlike the positive vibes given to the Kano state Governor ,the Adamawa and Bauchi governors were blocked totally from meeting the President as the President was said to have sent messages directly to them that he cannot meet them for now thereby forcing the two governors to meet with Vice President Osibanjo to  articulate their plea for assistance to win the re-run which they fear would not favour them if allowed to go on without Federal   involvement as done for the Osun state elections and as promised the Kano state Governor few days ago.

While Daily Watch cannot confirm if Vice President Osibanjo agreed to use the Federal might to assist it can be confirmed that the two governors left almost immediately after their discuss with the Vice President after been stopped and blocked from seeing President Buhari with governor Jubrilla Bindow held grumbling over the treatment been meted to them after helping to rig and make the President succeed in the Presidential Election in their respective states.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the respective spokes persons of the two governors to actually know from them why their masters were blocked in their rush to Abuja to see the President over the coming re-run but none was ready to talk to us.




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