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Shocker: Abba Kyari collects President Buhari’s WAEC Certificate with the Nigerian military Board from Cambridge

Buhari and APC leaders celebrating a fake WAEC certificate presented by WAEC board. How could a student possess certificate without sitting for the examination?

By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

Shocking and sometime funny reports and expose seem to be daily coming out of the Nation Presidential Election Tribunal in almost all the sittings here in the seat of Power Abuja that would shock even the most un-shock able Nigerian.

The most recent is the one coming out of one of the most powerful witness presented by the Buhari Legal team in the person of Alhaji Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to President Buhari Mohammedu,a key and strategic member of the Presidential Cabal who  shocked Nigerians with the new tale that the certificate of President Mohammadu Buhari has just been collected by him from far away Cambridge.

Chief of staff to the President ,Abba Kyari made this wonderful  but firm claim   during the Tribunal’s sitting in Abuja when the Buhari’s team brought him up as a witness for the President from whence he helped  cleared the very beautiful lies on   the much talked about Buhari School Certificate results for which WAEC at a time presented some kind of attestation in the full glare of the television screen all over the Country, the same certificate that was  once said to be with the Nigerian Military Board in  course of the 2015 Presidential Elections to which an affidavit was sworn to  but shockingly  just been collected in far away London in July, 2019 by no other person than the Chief of Staff to the President , Abba Kyari.

What Kept several Nigerians confused is which of the  Buhari’s certificates  was with the Nigerian Military  board then if Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to President Buhari  is just collecting a fresh Buhari’s Certificate  from Cambridge this  July ,2019 and what other Attestation did the West African Examination Council presented to  Buhari in the full glare of television screen  or did Buhari take both the Cambridge and the none existing WAEC in Northern Nigeria  in 1961 and handed one Original to the Military Board and yet still having another left with Cambridge that Abba Kyari went for in July 2019?





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