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Shocker! 44million dollars vanished within two days of new NIA resumption



            *2019 looting tears Buhari sainthood claims


ABUJA-That the Buhari administration is simply feigning the fight against corruption seem to be factual after all if the monumental looting going on in the administration are till date left unattended to by the so Magu led EFCC.

Daily watch investigations all over the country points to an unprecedented looting and disappearances of huge cash from diverse coffers of the Federal Government with the Buhari administration and its loquacious corruption fighter looking the other way while fast in coming on air to boast every other day of battling corruption when in fact all indices points to a geometrical surge in the index of corruption in this administration.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that another block buster  looting is said to have hit the same NIA that has been in the eye of the storm when several billions suspected to be part of the much spoken about Dasuki loot was traced to an Ikoyi Osborne House for which the Government and the anti graft fighters have all remain tight lips about the real owners and how it got to the Osborne mansion despite the several investigations and the Ex NIIA boss still alive to shed light on the discovered loot.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the same NIIA has again hit the limelight on corruption as a total sum of over 44 million dollars in the NIIA vaults was said to be grew wings of the locked vault less than two days after the President announced new DG resumed office.

The said 44 million Dollar which was said to be among materials and cash handed over to the new DG of the NIIA Rufai Abubakar was said to have disappeared magically without trace just two days after the new helms man took over fueling speculations that the new man in the block was brought in to the position to enhance ease in the movement of the secret cash to the hands of those who appointed the new man in the NIIA.

Daily Watch sniffing at the NIIA headquarters confirmed disquiet and grave yard murmurings among the staff on how such amount would develop wings just two days after the new helms man took over and the Presidency and all anti corruption bodies keeping mute despite the expose via petitions to all who cares to know.

Already speculations are high that the sum was moved out to a pool fund been kept by the cabal in the Presidency for the much talked about Buhari 2019 presidential campaign fund hence the grave yard silence by the Presidency and all about the missing 44 million Dollars.

Already as usual the Senate committee in charge of the NIIA is said to have gotten information and petitions on the missing 44 million Dollars and would commence investigations in the days ahead to unravel how, who and when did that kind of money get to the NIIA account in the first place and the disappearing act that the total 44 million Dollar took in the two days Rufai Abubarkar took over as the new NIIA Boss in a controversial way.

All attempts to get the EFCC spokesmen Wilson Uwujeran to comment on the silence of the EFCC on this new loot with Baru NNPC boss, Kyari Chief of staff to the President, Lawal Babachir Ex Sec to the Federal Government, Ex NIIA and several others still nor yet prosecuted for diverse loots was not possible as the EFCC spokes man did not respond to several text messages to his line.




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