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Shock as IDPS beg for food to survive despite govt claims of spending billions under PINE



                     *Some ladies IDPs exchanges sex for toiletries, food.


ADAMAWA- Tension, wailing and utmost regret seem to be the stock of the thousands of IDPs in most of the camps in the North East especially the three thousand IDPs in  Fofore and Maikoli camps in Adamawa state as the IDPs are virtually living in hunger to put it mildly.

The hunger in the Camp is such that Weeks ago the IDPs in both Camps took to Protest to press on their Demand for the necessities of Life or a relocation to their ancestral home rather than staying and still dying from hunger in their Camps.
The Over 3,000 IDPs in Fufore and Maikoli Camps for months now are said to have not gotten any food supplies from NEMA despite the several tales from Abuja that the supplies to the camps had been regular.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that as at the time of thr last protest just weeks ago no food supply had been given to the IDP as the last stock they had was for January for Fufore and December for Makoli camp.

What this translate to is that both camps had been in hunger and begging for food since the Beginning of this year with the girls and ladies among the IDPs selling their body for food rather that starve to death.

Daily Watch  independent investigation days after the Protest confirmed no change to the life of the IDPs despite the assurances of the NEMA coordinator in Adamawa/Taraba State Abbani Imam that supplies would be restored within days as he had gotten confirmation from Abuja about enough supplies on the way.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that what is playing out in the two camps of Fofure and Makoli is a Child’s play when compared to what is obtainable in other camps as begging, prostitution ion for food is what keeps most of the IDPs going as they have been technically  been abandoned to their fate despite the billions said to have been Budgeted and spent under PINE for the IDPS but in reality nothing to show for it all, more painful is the several billions collected from Foreign Donor agencies and bodies for and on Behalf of the IDPs but which has also gone into the pockets of those in charge of the collections of such funds.

Attempts by Daily Watch to speak with the new Secretary to the Government of the Federation  Musterpher Boss who is in charge of  the Presidential Initiative on the North East (PINE) on why the IDPs are in such terrible and pathetic conditions inspire of the billions budgeted for and claimed to have spent on the IDPs was not possible as at press time but the NEMA State coordinator for Taraba/Adamawa confirmed the delay in food supply for several months to the IDPs but was quick to confirm that something urgent is been done, the same response he gave to Daily Watch Weeks past during the Demonstration and Protest of the IDPS.



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