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Shiroro Killing field: How helicopters helped killers carry out mission

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram sects

*The many Lies, attempted cover ups

*As Govt struggles to hide death toll in spite of monumental evidences


By Lucky Ojigbo & Cletus Opukeme (Editors)

The massive killings that enveloped Niger state following  a well coordinated attack several weeks back in which over 100 persons were suspectedly  killed by the marauders who were classified as bandits, a new name introduced into the killing lexicon of Nigeria by President Mohammed Buhari after his so called Technical defeat of the Boko  Haram

Daily Watch Sources in Shiroro Niger state confirmed that the killings in Shiroro on the 9th and 10th of June was a well plotted, coordinated, sponsored and flawless massacre which involved the use surveillance helicopters, telescopic Snipers riffles and an assembly of well trained killers with sophisticated weapons of death in  a 20 hours siege that can be liken to a holocaust in Shiroro but which the state and Federal Government seemed to have played down both in the actions and the death toll.

The Killers who were masked, highly motivated and seriously vicious in the 20 hours siege turned about 8 villages in Shiroro in to death arena with everything in sight receiving massive spraying of bullets came in over 60 Bikes in the 2nd day’s attack wielding high grade machine guns and bullet proof vest and on black which is reminisces of the herders attack in Benue several years back.

Daily watch visit to the 8 Communities in Shiroro tells a tale of a subdued ,depressed and totally confused people with no one to beg for help as fear still pervade the length and bright of the Local Government Area even with the presence of pockets of Military and Mobil Police officers  just as   the whole communities looks highly traumatized  and in need of urgent attention of NEMA even with massive attempts by the state government and even Federal government to down play the magnitude of the Massacre that occurred in the Shiroro in which the state government, Nigerian Police and even the secretary to the state government are given diverse death toll figures as against those e through one Isaiah Ikko an ex -Councilor of  the invaded communities who spoke Shiroro Local government area who with Senator David Umoru  (APC)representing Niger East Senatorial zone of Niger State under which the massacre falls gave the death toll as over 100 with over the same number of injured as against the figure of below thirty been peddled by the Nigerian Police and the Niger State government.

Daily Watch tried spiritedly during our visit to Shiroro and Niger state capital to speak with the Niger state Police PRO  DSP Abubakar Mohammed who was accused of peddling wrong death toll figures was not possible  but the Senator representing Niger North in the senate confirmed the story and the massacre just as the Ex Councilor and over 20 people from the 8 villages rampaged by the killers confirmed the roles played by helicopters in the two days massacre which to the people of Shiroro was a holocaust.








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