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Shiitte Leader El-Zakky Health Gets Worse, Collapses thrice, may lose Eye


ABUJA-As the tension in parts of the country seem escalating
every passing day without signs of been eased or reduced, the Federal
Government seem to be on the route to igniting a bigger and much more
fierce crisis if the series of fainting spree recently occurring in the
detention centre where the renown Shiite leader El-  Za Zakky is
anything to go by.

El Za Zakky who is the Spiritual leader of the most popular
and most ardent Muslim group in Nigeria is said to have fainted
over three times.


Result of poor health conditions which is said to have started
affecting his second eye due to his illegal detention by the Federal government despite several rulings by the Courts in the country granting his release.

The Shiite leader who is said to be highly beaded now as a result of
his refusal to shave or cut his hair all through his detention is also
said to be growing weaker and weaker every passing day as a result of the conditions in which he is kept.

Already, the fears among several Nigerians is what would happen, if
the Popular  Shiite leader were to die in the detention camp of the
Federal Government knowing the calibre of ardent and extremely loyal
followers and followership the Shiite leader is said to have all over
the country among the Muslims in Nigeria.

Would the Nigerian security agents be able to curtail   and
stop a nationwide revolt of his ardent and restless followers, if their
leader who has collapsed thrice in a week were to die in?

Government has disobeyed  a competent court ruling  which called his continual detention  as illegal in this period where

the security forces seem overwhelm with the Boko Haram insurgency, the IPOB Crisis, Fulani headsmen and the threats of the
Niger Delta Militants to commence Action in the weeks ahead?


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