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Shiite leader El- Za Zakky goes blind, may die in detention as he vomits blood frequently


This seem not to be the best of time for friends, fans religious
followers and those who know one of the most powerful religious
leaders in the Country as he is said to be not just seriously sick but
terribly on the verge of total blindness and death if feelers from is
detention House is anything to go by.

Daily Watch investigations has confirmed that the notable
Shiite religious leader may not remain or return alive from the
detention or is it House Arrest the Government of Mohammadu Buhari
placed him in spite of the repeated court judgments asking the
government to set the notable and religious pious leader free and
given compensations for his illegal detention.


The leader whose base was attacked by the Government using the
Military and his children and thousands of his followers killed,
maimed and some even raped is said to be in government owned detention
ever since then despite severe injury to his eyes.

The pious leader who is said to be very strong in spirit and even
highly prayerful is said to be on the verge of totally going blind
already as a result of the wicked attack by the Military coupled with
the lack of ideal medical treatment meted to the spiritual leader by
the Buhari’s government as against the rulings of almost all the
Courts in the Country plus the renown ECOWAS court.

Daily Watch sources confirmed that apart from almost going blind the
Shiite leader is said to be very sick just as the wife  who is under
detention too is and only fast and serious medical attention would see
the highly revered leader of the over ten million Shiite followers
come back alive except something urgent is done.

The detention of the Shiite leader which seem now to be more of
personal and vicious but well-oiled attack on the sect group taking
into consideration of what the Shiite group is facing as a result of
the belief all over the northern part of the country for doing

While Daily Watch could not exactly state what is wrong medically with
the revered leader, it can be confirmed that the religious leader has
gone total trail and has serious problem with his sight from the two
eyes and has also serious problem with not just his speech but also
somehow incoherent in his discuss  and response to questions.

Daily Watch discuss with some key members of the Buhari’s
administration who prefer been anonymous on why a peaceful  and
religious man in the status of the El Za Zakky is still kept in
detention despite the serious health challenges and several Court
rulings to his favor  the man is going through both confirmed been as
confused as the reporter and see it all through as having nothing to
do with  Nigeria or any security situation but purely more of a
personal vendetta against the man.

Attempts by Daily Watch team to speak with the presidential spokesman
on the health challenges of the revered leader El Za Zakky was not
possible as all text messages to his phone were not given response to
until time of hitting the press.


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