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Shame:Rat race as Military boys run for life in base take over by Boko Haram

File Photo. Boko Haram militants lined up with RPG weapons


*Hundreds of riffles,ammunitions,military hardwares seized as tankers,houses burnt

By  Hammed Musa,  Maiduguri


In what has become a shameful but re occurring decimal in the battle between the Boko Haram sect and the Nigerian Military in the North East,the sect has frontally over run a solid military base at Damasak about 160 kilometer from the Borno state capital Maiduguri .
The massive attack which was Marshall by hundreds of the Boko boys from all corners saw the men of the Nigerian Military running in all directions as they are massacred and slaughtered like rats with many others running in the Bushes to escape the ground onslaughts of the Book Haram fighters who without any solid resistance moy just took over the Damasak Military base after sacking,killing and sending the hundred of military boys scampering in multi facets directions for their lives
Daily watch sources who visited the dosolate community confirmed that white a large number of military boys lost the lives just as countless numbers who ran into bushes are still unaccounted for with all military headgrats,ammunationa,riffles and others station at the base carted away by the rampaging Book Haram boys just as fuel tankers,military vehicles and several buildings that serve as offices in the base remained burnt.
Daily watch sources in Damasak confirmed that the Book Haram boys came prepared and with suicide vehicles lazed with explosives and other kinds of bombs which where driven directly into the base from different angles there by sending the Military boys into absolute and shocking confusion with little it no option than running for their lives into the surrounding bushes were shocking they may become easy prey for the marauding boko boys hanging in the bushes.
This over tuning of the Military base in Damasak is coming just when.the military under went a debasitating convoy attack by the same sect using some bomb lazed suicide vehicles in which s shocking number of Military boys lost their lives.
Daily watch as usual hurriedly reached out to the Military high command on the massacre and over running if the Damasak base which is about 260 kilometers from the Borno state capital,Maiduguri through the Deputy Director of Army Public Relations Colonel Ardo Is a but as usual hot no response as to the massacre and over running of the popular Damasak Military Base


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