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SHAMEFUL: How sacked Babachir was Begged to nominate his Successor, Boss as new SFG



*New SSG Cousin to sacked Babachir

*Probe Panel  hides monumental fraud indicting
men in the Presidency


ABUJA-While some Nigerians are hailing the President for taking a decision
on the Looting in the Presidential Initiative on the North East (PINE)
dry what many don’t know is the several secret representations and
plea to Babachir Lawal before his sack was accented by him.

Daily Watch investigations here in Abuja confirmed that the final sack
of Babachir came about after series of meets with him on the need for
him not to take his sack personal but as a collective sacrifice for
the good of the Buhari Government.

According to confirmed sources the SSG suspension then  which was
shocking to him to the extent of him asking  ‘’which Presidency’’
sacked him was as a result of his privileged position about the loots
that were going on  that are far above his and for which he was been
suspended  for then knowing he was not the major culprit .

Daily Watch can confirm for free that the delay in taking action on
the Babachir report was not just ordinary but to buy time for the
whole issue to die down naturally but when it failed to the President
was said to have sent down delegations to Lawal Babachir to plead with
him to remain mute if and when he is sacked eventually and for that he
would not only be settled with contracts but allowed to pick his
replacement as the new SSG to the federation

It was this candid deal that culminated in the nomination of Boss
Mustapha ,a Cousin of Babachir Lawal to the exulting position of
Secretary to the Government with the sole aim of not allowing Lawal to
expose the rot that the PINE in South East has become with almost
everyone in the Presidency involving in contracts that were never
executed, inflated and sometime phony.

Before the sack of Lawal yours truly Daily Watch was confided in by
the Son of Lawal about a secret dossier of all the contracts executed
in PINE and to whom which would have finally nailed the Buhari’s
administration as a bee hive of looters and thieves but for the
presidential approach and plea to the Ex SSG the shameful situation
was averted.

Daily Watch can confirm that the initial decision to use a probe panel
and the person of the Vice President and the Minster for justice
rather than the EFCC was to hide the loots that PINE in the North east
has become for the President and his team in the Villa and many APC
leaders and the Probe panel was the easiest avenue to kill the exposes
an EFCC or ICPC investigations would have exposed as the panel was
given just specific reference and not investigates other loots of
Babachir running into several billions for which many in the
Presidency would have been mentioned if pressure were to have been
mounted on the Ex SSG by the anti-graft agency and properties seized.

Already and With the clamour for prosecution, the presidency has
reached an agreement with the EFCC through the Chief of Staff to the
President to tamper with the case such that the Ex SSG case would last
long and eventually be discharge as no serious look on the PINE books
would be done by the EFCC to protect the lootings by those in the seat
of power.

As the whole situation is, give and take Babachir remains the Winner
for looting as his Cousin had been nominated by him to cover and
continue the PINE looting spree while he would also not only be free
from any major prosecution as all his legal fees would be paid by the
government but gets compensated with contracts to the bargain to keep
sealed lips.

Attempts to speak with the Spokesperson of the President on this new
expose was not feasible as all test messages to his phone was not
replied  but one of the Sons of the Ex SG Confirmed that the new
Secretary to the Federation is truly his father’s cousin.


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