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Shameful: Loquacious information Minister begs APC chairman, Abba Kyari to escape ICPC dragnet

Lai Muhammed


This doesn’t seemed to be the best of time for another very funny and phony character in the president Mohammadu Buhari media defense team as another, after the Loquacious Onochie Loretta is now said to be totally embroiled in very serious case o corruption.

The very audacious but lying Minister for Information is today said to be serious confused and presently running from pillar o post to stop the ICPC from carrying out its plot to arrange the Minister for grand looting of Several Millions together with the Director of one of the Government Media parastatals.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Minister of information Lai Mohammed is presently visiting all those who have the ears of President Buhari ad the Cabal with tales of how he has served the administration greatly even to the level of denting his own name and at this time need the administration help to ward of the hit coming on him from te ICPC which is set o take the Minister o stand trial for some Multi Million Naira Loot under his Ministry in spite f the Minister lies and claims of over sight in the signing of the monetary documents used in the grand looting.

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed that the Minister who had visited over three Emirs,APC Chairman and his former boss Bola Tinubu to put in words for him  for the trial to be put of seemed to be meeting a brock wall as the ICP unlike the EFCC is not under serious control of the Presidency unlike the Magu led EFCC that has cede its powers to the Office of the Chief of Staff and this is said to be making it hard for the Minister planned arraignment to be stooped.

Already the ICPC in the days ahead is plotting to drag the Minister to court to answer for the loot and this is said to be giving the Minister for information sleepless nights as his full hands seemed to have been enmeshed in the looting spree.

While the Cabal, Tinubu and others the minister ran to has assured him of a safe way out, the ICPC seemed to be pressing on with its plot to drag the  very smooth lying and loquacious Minister before the Court of Law in the days ahead.

Daily Watch attempts to get the views of the very  vocal Minister for information on his looting investigation and planned arraignment in the days coming before a court of law was not possible as at press time.




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