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Shame : Top Presidency officer/Nigeria Military connived to Cover and Free Captain Balarabe and nine other Military boys over Wadume episode

Shame : Top Presidency Officer/Nigeria Military connived to Cover and Free Captain Balarabe and nine other Military boys over Wadume episode

*As Balarabe’s connection and Grace is now saving grace for the nine other killer Military Officers.

* As Four top Police investigators, two Civilians die in Vain

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor, Abuja


In Nigeria it is usually said that every and anything  goes and this seemed to be the shocking case of the dilly dally and wishy-washy deals that is on going in the seat of power In the Presidential Villa here in Abuja and inside the top echelon of the Nigerian Military where criminal murderer of Four Police  officers  and two Civilians led by one  Capt Balarabe Tijani are speedily and technically been freed from facing the Court of Law for their evil and Criminal acts.

Daily Watch investigations in the Villa and the Military top echelon confirmed that except for a miracle or divine instrumentality the ten Military officers that helped Bala Usman  Aka Wadume in his kidnapping business which culminated in the daylight murder of Four top Police Investigators and two civilians coupled with the Injury of five other officers would never be tried or sacked from the Military because of  Captain Balarabe Tijani top connection to some persons in high places which has seen the whole case and issue stylishly killed with  the ten officials totally shielded from prosecution.

Daily Watch fact finding confirmed that the several Military Panel set up to look into the culpability or otherwise of Captain Balarabe Tijani  and nine other Military officers in the Wadume kidnapping and killing ring were freed on very phony and funny technical ground that would see all ten officers despite all the  glaring evidences  escape justice for their evil acts.

Daily Watch investigations inside the defense headwaters confirmed that te case is as good as ended with the Prosecution of Wadume and his civilian accomplices which the Military men involved led by Captain Balarabe Tijani have been freed to enjoy their stay in the Military based on the top connection he Balarabe has with the Presidency and some top Military officers.

While Nigerians and the Family of the murdered Police officers are shouting to high heavens over the absence of the Military traitors in the massacre that took place in Taraba state led by Captain Balrabe Tijani from the 93 Battalion in Takum  Taraba state in court the blunt truth is that there would be no trial for the Military boys involved in the massacre with the Attorney General of the Federation  who hurriedly took over the case from the Police with a set mandate and plot and the Military citing none release of the Killer Military men as their excuse for the trial of Wadume civilian partners without his Military Counterpart who are serious shielded by virtue of their affinity with some men in the top Echelon of Power and very close to the President in the Country.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that for the Attorney General of Nigeria and the Military, the case is now closed with the trial of Wadume and his Civilian accomplices as no amount of shout by Nigerians or legal tangle by Femi Falana and others would change  the cooked and settled plot to exempt Captain Balarabe from Prosecution over the massacre of the Police officers and involvement in kidnapping business with Wadume..

Daily Watch  Managing  Editor Ojigbo Lucky spoke with Acting Director of Army Col  Musa Sagir on the issue of Captain Balarabe and the Massacre of the Police officers but all he could say was that he could not comment on the issue because it is already in the court of law as if it is a case of the Military been sued that he can’t comment on  thereby in some way confirming the story from our  ears inside the Defense headquarters here in Abuja that the case is as good as closed/dead as regards Wadume’s  Military Collaborators and  the Military criminals  wearing Military Uniforms. This simply means truly that the ten killers and criminals in Military uniforms led by Captain Tijani Balarabe is totally free from prosecution even with all the evidences staring Nigerians on the face. It is good certainly and sweet to come from a particular part of this country called Nigeria as it helps overcome several criminal actions, even clear cut Murder and that is What the Wadume Saga has just succinctly proved and revealed.



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