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Shame: Osun state can’t pay salaries yet Fulani herders rake billion exploiting gold in Osun forest

File photo Illegal gold miners

By Kayode Alfred

Days ago the President Mohammadu Buhari told the 36 governors of the Country to look inward to generate revenue to run their states not minding that the Federal Government laws inhibiting the states from Exploiting Minerals in the domain is still not yet abrogated,

Daily Watch investigation in several of the Forest in the state of Osun has exposed shocking findings which would shock even the most un-shock able Nigeria most in the face of very dwindling resources to Osun State.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that several Forest in Osun state like Oshogbo and Ilesha forest have been taken over by thousands of Fulani’s who are presently building Communities in this forest and converting the Forest not just as their home but has totally commenced full-scale exploiting of fine gold deposit in the forest which are been daily moved to the North and rerouted to Dubai.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the Fulani’s who have transformed several Forest in the South West to their new homes are working day and night in their new gold exploiting Business and making great windfall for themselves as investigations confirmed that they are under the sponsorship of some wealthy Nigerians  in the North and backed by some top members of the present administration.

Daily watch sources confirmed that the gold Forest rush which started in the low key seemed to be hitting up with more investors trooping in with their boys to become part of the gold deal.

Daily Watch sources confirmed that the gang war and killings in Zamfara over gold etc started the same until it became highly competitive and diverse gangs formed to claim payments and allocate exploitation sites which today has turned Zamfara to the biggest killing field in Nigeria

Daily watch investigations confirmed that at the rate situations are presently in several forest of Osun state what is now happening in Zamfara may be replicated in the peaceful state of Osun just as the Yoruba’s and the Fulani’s who had built their homes in the forest would soon result in serious battle and clashes if nothing is done at this early stages.

Daily Watch attempts to speak to the Present Osun state governor on the reported secret mining and exploitation of gold in several forest in the state by armed Fulani herdsmen was not possible as several of those in government spoken to told Daily Watch that their concern is more now on the expected Supreme Court ruling on July 5th rather than any other thing in Osun state.




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